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Wife, sister, friend, daughter.
Dancer, Sunbaby, Francophone, part-Parisienne-part-Australian at heart.

The glass is half full, always.

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maxine, bren
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I have a free afternoon, and wanted to do something productive with my time.  "I know", I thought, "I'll catch up on the deviantwatch that's been building up for years!". Ha, if only.  Every time I click on a picture I want a closer look at, the internet gives me a 404 error. If I can get it working this afternoon, some of you might get some comments.  If not, please know I tried. I'm only sort of back.  Checking in occasionally.  I might post a bit, too.  But don't expect anything regular.
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I'm afraid this is an entry I should have written a long time ago.  I've currently just not got the time or energy for DA - I've not been doing much with my artwork, and my devwatch was spiralling far out of control. In my life, I've hardly stopped - after the wedding and a bit of a break which involved driving halfway across England several weeks in a row for dance rehearsals, I dropped into a temping job for a month and from that into the permanent job in which I have now settled.  Keeping up my friendships across the UK is taking up a lot of the time I have spare at weekends, and dancingtakes up many of my evenings, hence the lack of time
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I got married, on Saturday 8th. And then we went on honeymoon. Home now, graduation on Wednesday, off to Taizé for a week on Friday and then, er, find a job? And to think I thought life would pause when I finished uni...
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Hi my friend. long time no hear are you? How's hubby.. any kids yet? are you back in France .. tell me bunches of stuff.. I have diabetes now but my doctor told me yesterday that I am doing incredibly well.. I had an A1C..tats what tells how bad off you are as a diabetic..I am a type 2
two months ago my A1c was 7.8 So I fasted for two weeks and yesterday I went from 7.8 to 6.4 and I went from 228 lbs at 5ft 8 and 1/2 two months ago to 200 yesterday.
The doc said he aint never seen anyone drop so much so fast.. been lifting 130 lbs bench about 4 times a day swimming every other day and walking a minimum of two miles a day and one day walked eight but my legs were seriously sore for three days so my doctor said not so much in one day :D
have you looked at any of my work?
are you still making art or is being married more fun?
I know I'm too mosey.. but I have hardly any friends who talk to me any more. love ya .terry
hey hey,
we're in the uk these days...but trying to move to australia... i don't get on here much, I don't have much time to spend playing with photos any more, life kinda took over... 5 dancing classes a week. plus house group and church council doesn't leave time for much else and my hubby needs to see me at least occasionally! I just changed jobs, started the new one yesterday, so we'll see how that goes... hopefully it'll work out well :) sounds like you're doing pretty good, walking 8 miles? how's the family? :hug:
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my most recent poem..whaddya think?
you're most welcome, it's a beautiful picture. how is life at the moment? :hug: