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My little tribute pic to the Vlogbrothers. Man, these guys rock so hard.

The file is huge, but you can see all the details best when you download.

So, I put as many inside jokes in this as I could (although it's really not that many... I did take out a few things that weren't working.) Awesome points to anyone who can spot all the references. (HINT: There are 17. The T-shirts are not one of them. Or the guitar.)

The Green brothers' chibi selves are so adorable. Have I mentioned I met them? THEY ARE AWESOME.

Recommended Video: How Nerdfighters Drop Insults.
(If you enjoy that video, why not watch them all? [link])

Okay, list of references!
1.) John's blenderized Happy Meal
2.) John's chin waxing
3.) John's toilet paper punishment
4.) Bubbles the Nerdfighting Puppy
5.) The Yeti
6.) Shakespearean Insults
7.) Hank's map of the realm of Narnia
8.) Agloe is listed on the map, the paper town from Paper Towns
9.) Helen Hunt
10.) John's embarrassing medal picture
11.) Hank's embarrassing goth picture
12.) People who love giraffes who love giraffes
13.) John's Poe bust
14.) Evil Baby Orphanage
15.) Puppy-sized elephant
16.) PEEPS!
17.) Strawberry Hill

BONUS: John's pretty puff! Hank's short pants! John's nerd glasses!
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I just did the most recent Nerdfightaria census and couldn't help the nostalgia tour that resulted. This image and your lovely note was my introduction to this amazing community. Thank you for allowing me to meet this amazing group so early on. It has been one of the most influential things in my life.