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Happy Birthday, SpongeBob

By sunni-sideup
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Well, it's the Ten-Year Anniversary for SpongeBob, so I figured I should draw something. I love that show. Have since the beginning. Actually, SpongeBob was the first thing I learned to draw with any degree of... goodness, I guess. 'Cause he's awesome.


SpongeBob SquarePants (c) Steve Hillenberg
Art (c) *sunni-sideup
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bodiechan's avatar
Awww, he's SO cute. xD
tabeck's avatar
hehehe spongebob sparkles more than edward xD
cassylyn3989's avatar
xoxsayurixox's avatar
awesome! cant believe its 10 years. ive liked spongebob since as long as i can remember. still do :)
Taylei4eva's avatar
I remember when he first came out. My parents and I sat and watched the first showing of the first episode. Goodness, I was 3 then. D:
sprayed-moel's avatar
cute pic. =3

i personally hate spongebob *eyetwitch*
vanipy05's avatar
i really used to LOVE spongebob when i was younger, i stopped liking it after the movie :(
sunni-sideup's avatar
I loved the movie. The episodes after? Ehhhh... I haven't really kept up with them that much.
vanipy05's avatar
yeah me too, i think it's because of the new way of drawing the characters, then voice actors changed so....meh
sunni-sideup's avatar
A few of them did, but none of the main people. I notice some background characters who have different voices. But yeah, the drawing style definitely changed.
vanipy05's avatar
i think spongebob's VA changed :confused:
sunni-sideup's avatar
It definitely didn't. :)
AnimeChick4DDR's avatar
Holy COW that's a good Spongebob!! I mean somehow managed to make him stylized but canon at the same time!! I LOVE it!! ^_^
Wow, ten years? I remember watching that when I was little and laughing hysterically at nothing in particular.
RunningOnChocolate's avatar
This looks exactly like the style of the art in the show! And yay, Spongebob has probably been liked by at least everyone once in their lives.
telayla's avatar
i'm watching the movie, and i'm waaayy to excited :XD:
sunni-sideup's avatar
Gosh, the movie was my life for like... two years. It inspired so much fanfiction, you don't even know. But that's one of my favorite movies ever. SOOOO HILARIOUS.
telayla's avatar
"you don't need a license to drive a sandwich."

spongebob, effortlessly awesome for ten years. :D
zuzu27's avatar
aaaaw i love spongebob^^
but the old episodes were better than the new ones )=
i saw this in the 1st class the first time =) and now i'm almost in the 9th class [i have still 2weeks school till the holidays start] and watching still spongebob^^
And my lil brother [he's ONLY 3yrs younger than me] is a Spongebobholic xD
sunni-sideup's avatar
I like very few of the episodes post-movie. I'm all about seasons 1-3. :)
StareyedInLA's avatar
NICE! I can't believe it's been ten years. I remember being in the fifth grade and everyone in my class being obsessed with SpongeBob.
Milarca's avatar
wow, that's kinda interesting :)
Mikuru-Kojima's avatar
Lol, I'm watching Spongebob right now! x3
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