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The Soul System
Page isn't loading.
Program not responding.
Mind not processing.
Heart: malware detected.
Friendships: conflict detected.
Anxiety: increased.
System crashed. Functionality--22%
Continue Program or Restart Inner Systems?
Restart Systems.
Recovery process begun:
Courage v.2.0 needed. Install?
Courage installed.
Forgiveness application: requires update. Update?
Forgiveness updated.
Phase 1 of recovery: complete.
Phase 2: processing.
Personal scan required. Initiate?
Scanning now.
Problems found:
-Close-minded trojan
-Judgmental virus
-Internet Addiction virus
-Rudeness cookie
Remove problems?
Systems working for removal.
Time needed for complete removal: unknown.
Begin Phase 2?
Phase 2 initiated.
Connecting with other systems...
May take some time.
System self-scan while connection & Courage v.2.0 loads.
Courage load: complete.
Connection: successful.
Systems: Safe-Mode initiated.
Recovery almost complete!
Systems working for problem r
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Broken Girl
Tick Tock
Drippety Drop
She started to fall,
And couldn't stop.
She cried for help,
But no one came,
Isn't life just a lovely game?
A broken doll,
That was all,
That became of her.
She thought and thought,
Until she dropped,
About why she couldn't be good enough.
Her love had left,
Her soul had died,
And that was why,
The little girl cried and cried.
Her heart had vanished,
Her feelings banished,
The broken doll anguished,
And died.
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 2 0
A Wish
Every day, every night
The air is bleached
Cold and white.
But at sunset
The air shines
Luminous gold.
And I wish
That for a moment
I could smile
Instead of cry.
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 2 3
this old house and i
Childhood scribbles
On the peeling wall
The old oak outside
We used to climb on
Rotting away
The cookie jar
On top of the fridge
Chipped and cracked
The old floor
With cigarettes and bottles
The once sunny sky
Thundering silver clouds
As I move through the hall
Trailing my hands on the once
Beautiful paintings
Now burnt and eaten away
The sheets of the old bed
Messied and scattered
Once used for late night star wishing
Broken and fractured
And each new injury
On this old life of mine
Pulls at my heart
The crickets sing still
Right outside the door
But it seems out of tune
And ready to die
Has the time flown to?
The innocence thrown to?
The memories stored to?
Its all gone
No ones waiting
On the porch
Or at home
We're all alone now
Its just me
And memories
It's raining now
From the now collapsed roof
And from my own soul
Was that a raindrop
Or a tear?
Is it even rain?
Could it be
The universe
The clouds
And this old house
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 0 0
who what why
All around me are familiar faces
Or rather
Familiar masks
No one knows
Who who is who
Humans hide
And cower and fear
The souls have darkened
The hearts have stained
The minds have cracked
And the answers have become unclear
No one can tell
What what is what
People find
Shallow pleasures
To fill the hole in their being
Tired of being
What others want them to be
The world
In chaos
No one knows
What who is why
And their beginning
To become accustomed
To the darkness.
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 0 1
Diaries Of a Darkened Soul
She empties the bottle
And wipes the tears
Sharpens the knives
And slices the stomach
Lays in bed
Cold as ice
Thunder echoes
Within the heart
The bleeding strings
Play a sad little tune
The thoughts
Are just off key
As she daydreams
When she'll be met
With death's sweet embrace
To end the terror
And mute the pain
But who knows when
Will it be tomorrow
Or today?
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 0 0
What Horrific Fun
A glimmering knife
A fast-ending life
Oh, what can come,
From a small little strife!
Oh, don't struggle.
The time is drawing near.
A ribbon of blood,
Flowing like the fear,
Such bright scarlet drops,
What beautiful blood, my dear!
Oh, does the rope
Around you wrists,
Burn like fire?
Perhaps, to ease the pain,
I should use,
This electrically charged wire
And shock the nerves away?
A crimson slice
Down the flesh
Oh please do scream,
A simple yelp
Just won't suffice.
Oh, you're agony,
It's so pleasing!
Such sweet
Sweet revenge
It pulses through me
My victory
What pulses through you
Spills on the carefully
Tarped floor.
Oh crimson pools,
Like lovely rain puddles,
So fun for splashing in!
Oh, how your body trembles
How can your eyes
Be so sad?
Oh, I know!
I'll give you a smile
A beautiful one
That never fades.
A smooth stroke of the blade
From the mouth
The the cheek bone.
And the blood flows,
Just like the fear,
Oh, what are those in your eyes?
Do I see?
Oh, how cute!
Its a tear
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 3 9
wiped away
The pain and sorrow
And tears wiped away for you
But do you notice
I sacrifice me for you
I cant cry because you are
I apologize
For expressing emotion
I know I shouldnt
Put the weight and guilt on you
But please just be there for me
A true friend helps when
Who they care about feels pain
But it seems lately
I take your pain and not mine
And you take only your pain
Through thick and thin weve been
But lately im not enough
Other friends I think
Matter more to you than me
Oh please oh please prove me wrong here
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 1 4
Prove Me Wrong
Could you put some meaning
Behind the words
I wait for you
You don't wait for me
I make you mad
You fume
You hold it against me
You make me mad
I instantly forgive
Is there something wrong?
With you?
Or with me?
Am I clingy?
Are you too
Void of emotion?
I tell you
My deepest
And insecuritues
But you don't take them to heart.
While I,
With a listening ear and open arms
And always try my best for you.
Isthis an unrequited
You say im the best
And you love me
But actions
speak louder than words.
Im sad
In pain
You make the situation
About yourself.
I have to wipe my tears
And listen to you,
Ignoring my pain for yours.
Oh please
Prove me wrong
Because I feel like
Im just a background noise
Always there
But never truly noticed
I hug you
You walk off
And take someone elses hand
Am I not enough?
Am I
Not enough
To be your friend?
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 0 0
My weird head
Squirrels jumping at each other
playing in the tree,
that is what others see.
I see squirrels using the force
to manipulate their foe
and battling with light sabers.
A bright, young rose
full in bloom,
that is what others see.
I see an explosion
of galaxies and stars
the cosmos in a flower.
The sky
deep blue,
that is what others see.
I see white puffy fish,
swimming ever so slowly,
through an ocean at sunrise.
The moon and the stars,
twinkling in the night sky
that is what others see.
I see a starship, flying high
exploring the final frontier.
My mind is a strange place
but i love it
for it makes an ordinary world around me
more exciting than anything.
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 2 7
laying down in peace
staring up into starlight
soft and silent hill
the quiet echoes boldly
The night in all its beauty.
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 0 2
new year
A new year is coming.
The one we have lived already
Become accustomed to,
Will perish
Left behind on our pile
Of years come and gone.
Its oppurtunities and events sucked dry,
Its experience absorbed.
But a new year is arising,
Like a pheonix,
Reborn from the ashes of its death.
And it will bring us more,
More experience,
More oppurtunities,
And new life
To our world.
But eventually this new year,
Will age,
And die.
But just as the last time
A new year will come,
And the process will continue
Over and over and over again
In a cycle
That will only end
At the end of time.
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 2 2
Rolling down hills
Rolling down the hill
The cool dew kisses your skin
Grass's soft tickles
In exhilarating joy
Your mind, body, and soul laugh.
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 1 3
A jump in the leaves
The colors splash like water
Trees smile down at us
Our childish fun echoes
Autumn, and its endless joy.
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 0 2
Broken Hearts and Their Bleeding Strings
Has your heart ever just randomly shattered?
For no real reason?
Just attending your daily business
content with your life
you feel a break
in the left side of your chest
the shatter
as the space where your heart occupies
becomes empty?
When the past finds you
and bites?
When every "Im fine"
"I understand"
"I accept it"
"I deserve it"
catches up
and one by one
every lie
'accepting' statement
every justification
shows its true form
"I understand"
becomes a
"Im not worth enough"
"I accept"
becomes a
"Why did this have to happen to me?"
"I deserve it"
becomes a
"I didn't mean to"
and every regret
every sorrow
every self-pitying thought
puts its claws around your heart
and pulls
and the doubts
and sadness
bleed from the exposed heart strings
like nectar from a flower
except its hundred times more painful
and a hundred times more dark
and we as people
have to endure it
no life can be lived
without regrets
and the scratches from the claws
will scar
but make us stronger
:iconsunneyfunneybunney:sunneyfunneybunney 1 3
Why are we all judged
by the names society gave us?
why are we put into some clique
and forgotten about?
Aren't we more than just a label?
humans are snowflakes
no too are exactly the same
no matter how similar they look.
Can't we all just be seen
as something new?
an individual being
with so much to offer
that is what a human is.
Cant people
just accept the fact
the we are all different?
that the only thing
we have in common
is our species?
Each person
treated with respect
not judged
by the color of their skin
or the clothes they wear
or the style of their hair.
when will the day come
when we can let loose
what we have for the world
when will the day come
when we can all talk equally
we are all humans
is that not enough?
we all have souls
can we not all be same
yet different?
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Jasmine: Sulk by JasmineMea Jasmine: Sulk :iconjasminemea:JasmineMea 3 0 She's Here by JasmineMea She's Here :iconjasminemea:JasmineMea 1 0 Bunny by JasmineMea Bunny :iconjasminemea:JasmineMea 3 0 bit by bit by CollarBell bit by bit :iconcollarbell:CollarBell 4 3 Miss Melody by CollarBell Miss Melody :iconcollarbell:CollarBell 4 0 Creepasta friends~ by Al-Scarlet Creepasta friends~ :iconal-scarlet:Al-Scarlet 4 3 To B3Gin by SnaiLords To B3Gin :iconsnailords:SnaiLords 365 103
Naruto/Elsa ship explanation thing
This is just my opinion so please don't hate me because of an opinion.
NOTE: This journal is not meant to convince anyone or change anyone's opinion. Its only purpose is to explain in full detail why I feel this particular pairing could work. And I would like to remind you that this is a hypothetical situation, therefore, it's not meant to be treated like it's canon so please don't act like it's a part of Frozen or Naruto. And there might be some spoilers for people who just started watching or reading Naruto. Also, the artworks that are used in this article is not mine. All credits should go to the original creators
Most would say Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians is perfect for her, others would say Hans from the same film she's in, some say Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon. But in my opinion, Naruto Uzumaki can potentially be a good match for Queen Elsa.
For those of you who read my 
:iconnoname144able:noname144able 91 310
Miss me? by Al-Scarlet Miss me? :iconal-scarlet:Al-Scarlet 4 5
You're Fine [Death the Kid x Reader]
“You’re fine, Kid,” you muttered for seemingly the millionth time that day.
You never were quite sure why you bothered saying that to the young Reaper. Despite your quiet words, he continued his morning ritual of checking and fixing literally everything within his home. You knew well it never eased his anxiety, and it pained you to see him this way. It may have caused those around him to mock his condition, even grow angry with him. But, just as physical illness should be treated with respect, so should a disorder of the mind.
Especially one that triggered so much apprehension...
But, you figured it was still enough to show that you cared when no one else did.
Once again, Death the Kid sauntered towards you, brows slanted, teeth grinding, face pale.
“I believe that’s everything,” he mumbled half to himself.
With a gentle smile, you placed a hand on the nape of his neck, running the tips of your fingers over the prickled skin. At once, the muscles rel
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 359 143
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Imagine this: a wrathful, terrifying creature. It is large and menacing, it is strong and enduring and powerful. It is a large, reptilian beast, knocking down towers and wreaking havoc only dreamed of. It fights monsters, it protects things, but above all, it is destructive. Whether this destruction ends with good or bad, it depends.
Now imagine this: A small, adorably fluffy bunny. It is cuteness incarnate and it is intensely charming. It can be funny and sweet, but it can also be mischievous and a bit of a trickster. It chuckles and snickers, and it laughs way too easily, but to many, that just adds to its endearment.
Now, imagine one more thing--
The essences of these two creatures conjoining, and coming to life in small, yet still-larger-than-life girl. This girl adds to the mix with her own spirit, which she fancies is a bit set apart than others'. She adds the quality of deep thinking to this strange combination, and acts as the focus point to guide the souls across life. She strives to find truth and she strives to find peace, and she strives to find success, and above all she strives to find understanding.
It doesn't show very much here, but that's because she feels its better expressed in person, in flesh and blood, in reality than in cyberspace and technological coding.

This is her.

Here's more about me:sunneyfunneybunney.deviantart.…
I've been away from deviantart a really really long time and I hardly ever publish things anymore. I'm so sorry! The reason behind it is because I've developed an addiction to a website called Quotev. Look it up or use the link on my profile if you want to know what it is. It's been consuming my time and attention for a very very long time. However, in my absence, I've been discovering more things about myself as a person, so expect some new things coming from my words! I've been making new friends on Quotev as well too! It's really fun and addicting to be online there, (like how its like to be online here) and it's a great place to take fun quizzes and read some new stories. All righty. Just wanted to explain my absence without leave to whoever pays attention to my work here (*coughcough*no one*coughcough*). 



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