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Lyrics: Strangers
"Strangers" by Shady-
-Vox and EileMontyVA
(Button Mash / Sweetie Belle)
[ShadyVox / Button Mash]
Save me, I'm drowning so deep in the darkness.
I'm waiting for your touch to stop this.
There's smoke blinding us with goodbyes,
and I keep hope. Cause this
feeling's different and I know,
I've staggered so long that it can't go.
Alleviate me, I'll be fine. In time.
{Chorus #1}
Please remember that I miss you.
Young and reckless, what did we do?
Broken promise, gone forever.
Maybe one day we'll get better.
Right by your side, that's where I'll be.
In a heart-beat if you ask me.
Let's stay strangers like we're meant to.
Oh, I wonder if you miss me too.
*Small Instrumental Break*
[EileMonty / Sweetie Belle]
Find me, I'm waiting right here where u left me.
Still shredded and bruised, but I'm breathing.
Be brave for me, ignore their eyes. Just try.
We're dancers, and I've picked
petals looking for answers, and
I've received these edges from chances.
Indelible, but I'll
:icondarkoverlords:darkoverlords 10 0
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Witness an outstanding and magical event...

"It's an honor to have humans here in the Pridelands. My name is Prince Kopa, son of Simba and Nala. Welcome!"

Of Kings and Knights

"My father left his home of a wrongful murder, but he knows that humans are another threat."

"Are you sure about trusting these humans? Dad is not going to like this..."

"Kopa. You've gotta be the most delusional lion to let humans stay."

"You'll love this rock and roll concert, Vitani!"

"What's a concert?"

(she deadpans) Seriously?

(confused look) This is odd... why is the sky turning black in the middle of the day?


(he glances up and gasps) You don't think a storm is coming, do you?!


(he rolls his eyes) If it was raining you moron, you would see puddles by now!

"Surprised to see me, Kopa?"
"It has definitely been a long time, my great-nephew. It is my time for revenge!"

(Multiple gasps and growls)

"What is this place? It's so magical and sparkly!"

"This is Fairytopia. The magical land of fairies."

"Fairies and lions had a long history of a close alliance. I'm the Queen of Fairytopia. It's an honor to meet you all."

(bows down respectfully) "It's an honor to meet you, Your Highness."

"Pleasure's all mine."

"We need your help, Miss. Liphyra. The Pridelands are in danger!"

Another adventure awaits
"Get them now!"
(Team screaming as they avoid the fall)


"Ahhh! I'm too young and handsome to die! Ahhh!"

"Oh, grow up!"
For this unlikely team of heroes
"I'm the one that Scar wants. He's hurting more people just to get to me."

"We're in this together, bro. Scar's not going to destroy this family line!"

"Let's do this!"

"Let's show em how's it's done in Japan!" (brings out katana blades)


(brings out fighting fan) "I was born to do this!"

(Action music plays)

"I'm not going to let Scar destroy everything that my father has done."


"Don't worry, Kopa. We've got your back."

Kion, Kovu, Kagiso, Chalice, Coco Kiara, Akinari:

Kopa and Vitani:

(sneaks up behind Kiara and Kovu who were about to kiss)

Kovu and Kiara
(both blushing madly) "HEY! KOPA!"



Dylan Minette as Prince Kopa (teen)

Bella Thorne as Princess Kiara (teen)

Sofia Carson as Vitani (teen)

Brendan Meyer as Kovu (teen)

Max Charles as Kion (pre-teen)

Davis Cleveland as Akinari Sato

Sabrina Carpenter as Coco Dubois

Rowan Blanchard as Chalice Vane

Shawn Mendes as Sir Kagiso (teen)

Rob Lowe as King Simba

Gabrielle Union as (former) Queen Nala 

Kate Winslet as Queen Nitza

Jim Cummings as Scar

Kristen Bell as Queen Lyphria

Coming in November
This story is an AU version of The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and also a What If Kovu and Vitani grew up in the Pridelands with their biological parents. And since this is an AU, Simba and Nala's marriage won't last long because they both have different viewpoints on how to rule the Pridelands. Another thing is that, after their divorce, Simba then found love with Nala's twin sister (OC) named Nitza and she later becomes the second Queen of the Pridelands. Scar would also be returning too and some new human characters would be added to the story. Thanks for reading! 
Hi, everyone! These are my two versions of Scar's sons in the Lion King. Mandla (Power) and Meshindi (Conqueror, Victor). Their mother is named Princess Gabisile (She, Who We Can Show Off). When the twins are thirteen years old, sometime after Simba visited the Elephant Graveyard, Gabisile is thirty years old in Lion years and contracted an illness and soon died, causing Scar to send into madness.

I'm stuck on their designs, but they're both spoiled brats



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hello, Deviants! I joined deviant art the other day to follow my favorite artists on here! I hope that I can meet new friends who love Sailor Moon, Lion King, and Dragon Ball Z! Take care of me!


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