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My Gallery is full of different things.
You may browse through it and leave some favs. c:




Anime Like Character Drawings
These drawings show characters in some sort of anime-ish style. If you are interested in one of these please show me a reference of your character and in what kind of sourrounding they should be.
Huge Backgrounds
So, these drawings include a pretty big background and lots of details.
I need a description of the background and maybe some reference pictures. Also I need to know if I should add a character or som special things like birds in the sky, rain, snow and so on.
Snowglobe Stuff..
Character in a Snowglobe...
For that I have to know what kind of character you want me to draw in the snowglobe. I prefer references. Also, I need to know what you want inside the snowglobe besides the character. Maybe snow, maybe glitter hearts, or some stuff. The color of the bottom part of the snowglobe would be also nice to know.
Realistic animal drawings
For this I need a photo  of the animal you want me to draw. Also, I need some extra infos, whether I should add a background, if yes what kind of background, if I should make the animal in different colours than on the original photo, if yes in what colours, etc. If I should make some adjustments, for example changing the eye color, fur color and so on, please tell me.
 Also, please notice that these take a lot of work and time so you could be waiting a few days before the drawing is done. Please be patient, I'll finish them as fast as I can.

Please make sure that the photo you send me is one of yours and you are allowed to use it.



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Owl Sketch
I tried something with gradients and oh well. What do you think?
I Feel Blue
I had a few rough days but I am feeling better. I started working on myself and my insecurities. I already feel much happier and at peace with myself than ever before. One reason may be that I cut ties with someone who brought me down eventhough I hope that this person changes for the better but most important are the people that I have in my life righ now since I love the cr-p out of them. <3
Just As Filthy
If I touch you, you will get infected.

Just as filthy as I am.

Irrlicht - It will guide you through
After some really rough days I feel finally motivated to create art again. The past weeks were really damaging to my feelings but I feel better now. I love my friends and I try to be my best self for them. They guide me through this time and through this pain - into light and happiness.

Thank you.

Oh, and my dear reader: Pleass take care of yourself.
Okay, here's the story:
Since the beginning of last year my neighbors have a dog.  A big, male black lab.
Bought as a toy for 8year-olds. They didn't train him. He doesn't know anything and is very rough.
He is not allowed in the house because he sheds fur. Not even winter.
He is very food focused and a little overweight.

I want him. I want to save him and care for him since his owners do not. I don't really have money to buy him off of them. I don't really have much experieces with training dogs.

So I ask you for help. Please.
Any advice on
what I could do to save him,
on how to train a dog
and maybe on how to earn or get money would be so much appreciated...

Hey, you guys!
I kinda wanted to do more art and interact with my watchers more.
So if someone wants to do an
Art Trade or a Collab with me I'd be very happy!
Happy New Year everybody!
Take care of yourself and smile as much as you can!
Gzys, I finally figured out how to do speedpaints! I'll upload one soon!
Well, this is a drawing I just finished. It's my little annoy- uhm... adorable kitty Eyla who can be really hard to handle. Not just because she climbs up our roof, she also likes to meow all day long as loud as possible. So, this innocent look is an absolute lie. Don't believe that cute eyes which seem to can't harm anyone or anything....
'cause this little fella will steal your soul and cuddle you to death while you're sleeping. c:

(She also loves to sit in purses. I'll do a drawing of this soon. Maybe.. c.c)

This is made with FireAlpaca.

My Twitter:
Guardian ~ Contest Entry
So this is my enty for  :iconminks-art:  Contest! This took not so long... And doesn't look as good as I want it to. .3.
Well, either way:
It would be nice if you would also participate in this contest just because I want to be absolutely sure that I have no chance. c':

So here's the link to the journal entry about the contest:…

And here's the link to Mink's Art Video I used:…

(To be honest... those are great and funny cats ... uhm... tutorials and really worth watching. So if you need some reason to laugh or to stop whining about that you aren't able to draw ... {what are you doing here? This might offense some people! ...} Uhuh, sorry. Just check out these videos if you're interested. c:)

Well, at first I wanted to make this wolf much darker but it looked kinda weird. Also it's eyes were green before because I wanted it to be my OC Lemon. But now the eyecolor matches the lights of the houses. I kinda like this idea of a wolf's head in mountains but it looks super weird. o-o Maybe, if my drawing skills would be better then this wouldn't be like this.
Ah, well things happen. Good look if you're also part of this contest. c:

My Twitter:
I am scared
Sometimes I feel so small that even you scare me. You always seem this strong and indestructable while I have doubt about myself and my imperfections. You are like a strong lion. And I am like a little kitty. I act like I am very confident. But compared to your strenght, your confidence it's nothing. I hide. You step out and fight. I cry. You stand up and smile.
Some people fear you. And some people laugh about me. It seems like nothing can bring you down.
And that scares me.
You are so strong and also full of love. You are no show-off eventhough you could show off with a lot of things.
All sorts of people have so much respect of you. While I get bullied for my feet, my hair and everything.
Even when someone says something mean to you you just don't react. You just let it be and don't cafter are about it...
While I am hurting inside for days if someone says something mean.
You said you trained 7 years to get full self control. And then I come ahead and make you shake without intending to do so. 7 years you did not shake. At all.
You said you trained 7 years to get full self control. And then I come ahead and make you cry without indenting to do so. 7 years you did not cry. At all.
You said you trained 7 years to get full self control. And then I come ahead and make you angry without indenting to do so. 7 years you did not get angry. At all.

You said you trained 7 years to get full self control. And then I come ahead and make you happy...

And I still can't believe that I have and had such a big impact on you and your life. It seems like I am the one who can bring you down, who can make you weak.
And that's hard for me to believe because I am this weak myself.

I don't want you to get hurt. But if I am weak I might hurt you... I try my best to make you happy. Day after day I give my best because day after day you give your best.

You are always protecting me, my guardian angel, my lion, my everything. And I still can't believe.

You give me so much strenght and still don't lose your own.

I love you.


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