Red Queen

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written in red
She doesn't have a name
goes by Queen
she graces her feet on clones of sins

She likes sweet
and tea in the afternoon
Darjeeling, rose, green
her favorite with a dash of honey

forgot its color
silk woven by descending snow
dyed in crimson
her hair death's transparent string

She loves songs
and dancing in the evening
The fiery twilight
her favorite with whispers of wind's melodies

prideful fierce ice
glowing topaz forge by sunlight
sunk in madness
her eyes abyss's warming greeting

She adores day
and waking before the morning
Fluttery pink dawn
chased away unseen ghosts of her night

under glistering moon
nightmare and abyss awaits her
dipped in blood
her golden boat stopped coming around

She was formed
through crafted chosen words
beautiful, flowing and crispy lines
Neatly, one by one
The dancing Red Queen
was born.

but she never gets her name.
© 2012 - 2020 sunlightdrop
Red Queen, one of my OC. I think I should start polishing her design and give her a name , at least she has friends now. Hope that she's satisfied with that.

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