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Orchid - Killer Instinct 2

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Orchid - Killer Instinct 2 (Commission)

I have NSFW version. I will post soon. :happybounce:

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Ohhh what a classic, classic fighting game babe~ B. Orchid. Ohhh Orchid, Orchid. *O* She's so gorgeous, so~sexy, sooo~badass, sooo...mmmm! Mmhmm~ Fantastic work~ She can break my~combo anytime! *O* Especially~when lookin' like this! LOL 'Cuz...oh *God* the outline. The. Outline. <3
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Brilliant artwork.

Great job.

Clap Clap Clap 
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❤️ The appreciation is real ❤️
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FAVED!!   won't even argue about it!;p
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This is a really beautiful rendition of my favourite fighter of all time. The pose is lovely as is the facial expression - a nice balance between sexy and intimidating. I also love the fact the design of the costume, it stay pretty much true to her original one from KI2 and realistically portrays how such a garment would be worn in real life.

I'm sure we all look forward to the NSFW version but for now, thank you for creating such a great piece of art.
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Gorgeous!! Super sexy yet badass :D
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quite the sexy orchid
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Sexy Orchid pin ups are always welcome B)
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Incredibly beautiful!  Especially her gorgeous and delicately detailed face!!  This is one of the best Orchid fanarts out there!
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