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fantasy maiden mushrooms

Made for the :iconmanip-contest: contest - Maiden in Red

LITTLE BOY : [link]
Maiden in Red - :icondigimaree: : [link]
Butterfly : [link]
apple : [link]
Mushroom : [link]
flower: [link] [link]

:iconmanip-contest-award: first place in Beginner on the "Maiden in Red"
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incredible style! :heart: :peace: :flirty:
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Hi there, this piece is featured in my journal [link]
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! You have won first place in Beginner on the "Maiden in Red" contest at :iconmanip-contest: You are now eligible to place this icon :iconmanip-contest-award: in the description area of this wonderful piece with what place you won. You are also eligible to join and place this piece at the exclusive group :iconmanip-contest-award: in the feature folder :heart:
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wow ... thank you very much :) :boogie:
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This is so cute, all that details create a great fantasy piece. Well done.
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I'm glad you liked :)
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I love the all of the vines and the objects, this is a very nice fantasy piece. The only part about this that bothers my a little bit is the bottom left of the skirt. There appears to be some of the old background there or something that keeps it from blending in smoothly :) Other than that good work!
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this is a lot of fun
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Great Idea! I love the mushroom! I have read the other comments so I am going to offer something a little different. Everything is so life like except the butterflies and the ladybug. It takes a little bit away from the overall effect for me. The lighting, the shadows, everything else is Great!
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:) thank you very much, I seem to be more impatient to do a detailed :hug:
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The lighting in this delightful piece is beautifully done. I might possibly have made the base of the dress a little darker, but I love the colour transitions. I also like the organic feel to the plants.
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thank you :),
yes I also like the plants, feel more refreshed.
although I feel less satisfied,
less numerous and varied because of lack of patience when made it :(
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They look fine to me!
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very fun and colorful
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This is an awesome idea and very creative!! I love the bubbles and the vines, although I would darken the vines just a tad on her right side to make it blend a bit better;) Other then that..I think that it is dang near perfect, great job!:)
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thanks for the input and thanks for your appreciation :dance: , I think the same, but I am not looking forward to it for details, fear can not be completed on time :)
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this is soooo wonderful Sunjaya. i always love the realistic with the cartoon. it reminds me of Mary Poppins. the only thing i see is the vines at the bottom left hand side make the maiden look like she is floating. if you darken them like you did on the right hand side will ground her. the light shining on her face is perfect. wonderful job dear :heart:
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thanks for the appreciation,
yes I am also not so satisfied and there are still details that I miss :surrender:
thanks for the correction :)
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woow, love the concept with the water, great idea, beautiful work:)
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