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Planets II - Photoshop Brushes

This set is for Photoshop CS. It contains 9 Large planet brushes.
If you use them, drop me a note or a comment and Ill fav your work. :)
Im not Nazi about my brushes, so feel free to use them w/o worrying about my killing you for not crediting me when you submit a work.
One small thing I am nazi about is claiming these brushes were made by you and then distributing them. Now that deserves Nazi behaviour. :)
But other than that, enjoy! :D
© 2005 - 2021 Sunira
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Outstanding work !

Dope. Especially the massive impact. Thanks!

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Thanks Friend I want to try them

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Thank you for your amazing brushes :)I used them here -

High Tide
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I plan to use them, and if I remember who made them (thus the fave) I'll be sure to send you a link :D
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thank you so much!
used here
Temple of Gods by cheker123
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Thanks for this lovely resource, I used it! Meow :3

South Aquineon Jungles-Abandon CPU Network Station by Unialien 
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used here - Devotion -  Thank you :D (Big Grin)
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Such a nice work done..Impressive..
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They look lovely...thank you!
coooooooooooooool thanks !!!
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Used here: The Guardians by katherine-lemus  Thank you! +fav 
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Hi. Used here: Hibrid Zodiac. Gemini. by katherine-lemus   Thank you! Star! 
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Used, here: Trust Yourself by katherine-lemus   Thank you!
katherine-lemus's avatar
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Hi! I used your epic brushes  here!: Senshi of Rebirth and Destruction
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hello :) have used your stock here…
thank you!
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