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Nebulae Brushes

I have made a second set to compliment this first one.
You may download the second galaxy set here: [link]

Thank you again for all your kind words and inspiration.

A favorite if you download would be kind, but certainly not required. :) It just lets me know to make more if people really like them.

There has been a GIMP conversion of this made here: [link]

Images are from Hubble Telescope images from Nasa. I love them. ^__^
Photoshop CS Brush set.
Total of 15 Brushes.
:) Drop me a line if you use them, I'd love to see what you all come up with! :) Thankyuu~

Yes, its huge but thats because these brushes were specifically made to aid me in background making. :)
© 2005 - 2021 Sunira
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Very bold and well done brushes, I can't wait to use them in a project. This is a retirement thing and I have to limit the time I spend on Photoshop or I get nothing else done! Thanks!

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I keep coming back to your wonderful brush pack. Thank you!


I want to use them but I can’t find out how to download them, I sound like an idiot don’t ?

I’m using mobile phone so will It work?

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I used your paintbrushes to create some Mass Effect fanart! Thanks for the great brush pack!

Mass Effect 3: Don't Leave Me Behind

very nice good job for the man who creates this.🎈

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Thank you again for sharing your resources! I have made use of these brushes here with a proper link and credit to you!

Rainbow Outer space

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How was this posted in 2005 holy heck
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I love it! Fantastic Blending! Merry Christmas and A happy new year!!! Take care, be safe! I hope your Hollidays are full of joy and cheer! Take care! Bless ya!
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Thank you for making these available! I have made use of these, and the complimentary brush set as well!
A Celestial Dream
I have given you a credit and link! :)
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I can't see it anymore!
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me too,that's why?
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No, it's still here. Deviantart somehow deleted the preview image. The brushes were always available.
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Thank u very much!!!!
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Thank you, I am always looking for new and interesting brushes
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Im gonna use your stocks..So like it..Thanks :)
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