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April 28, 2018
Wolf warrior by Sunima
Featured by KovoWolf
Suggested by Catgirldstr11
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Wolf warrior

Happy New Year Everyone! :party: :woohoo:

This is commissioned work, for
Hope you like it!

Check out Wolvestuffs website! They have lots of cool things! :)


- Sunny

More of my work: 
Elg by Sunima  A moose with a beanie by Sunima  Autumn spirit bear by Sunima  Save the wolf by Sunima  My Orb by Sunima  Erase by Sunima 
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© 2018 - 2021 Sunima
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Lovely work...striking...

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Awesome work! :clap:
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thankyou for the heads up, they credited the wrong artist so i sent them a message and asked them to fix it x)
its always nice to have my art featured, but with right credits :P
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No problem ^^
If you care you might want to keep an eye on it - when I told them to credit the artists properly they just blocked me and removed my comment. 
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uh.... ok thats strange. 
Guess they are not very mature. 
Might be a kid who is hosting the account. 
But thankyou again for the headsup :) 
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Beautiful work...
Is the Wolf Warrior available in a one-piece canvas?  Thanks.
Lovely work! I tracked down a duvet to use as a Christmas gift. 
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how cool! :D im glad you liked it
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Did you allow commercial use of your art? because here are selling tshirts with your art printed on it without even crediting you
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I noticed that too, comforters and Wall Art.
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I wasnt sure at first but i checked it out and when you go to their link you come to this page where credits are given :…
so they are legit, thankyou for asking :heart:
Im not completely in control who sells my artwork everywhere since i am selling my design to a dropshipper who continously sells my design further.
But i get a little percentage for those sales, so its alright :)
i think i get like 1% so its not much, but its fine for now.
I apriciate the notification about it :hug:
~ Sunny
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I was from mobile and I haven't seen credit anywhere >__< But I'm happy they give credits to you, at least it's not a theft in this case. You know what? You should ask a little bit more than 1%, IMHO; I think it's your right, you art is soooo amazing *___* Sorry if I took this a little bit as personal even if it's not, I feel very empathetic with other artists when it takes to discuss about such things. :heart:
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Oh thankyou very much :hug:
But for now its fine, you know.
Everyones gotta start somewhere,
and maybe in the future i can claim more if the fate allows xD
You are very sweet, i thank you for caring :heart:
Hope you have a good day. 
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LOVE! AAAAWOOOOOOOOO Howling Wolf Icon - Free to Use Howling Wolf Icon - Free to Use Howling Wolf Icon - Free to Use Howling Wolf Icon - Free to Use Howling Wolf Icon - Free to Use 
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