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EDIT: Selling the original for 30$!


Nordicana! My main character! :dummy:
Her hair and feathers can change colors, so if u want to draw her sometime, you can choose the colors! :D
but only the hair and feathers, her main color is still black and the markings are green.

reference sheet :

And, here are some similar dragon drawings by me :

Would be glad if u take a look :woohoo:
And if u go to my gallery, u will see even more! :dummy:

Media : colored pencils. black, white and colored pens.
Time: ... maybe.... 6 hours? didnt time it Ô___ô
size of paper : A4
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This is my 1st critique so it might not be the best. ^ ^

First of all the thing that really catches my eyes is the wings. For me it feels like I can feel the feathers and I love how you made it stand out. The way you colored it is really nice (really really good compared to the old drawing of this though that was good too.) The expression on the dragon fits it completely well and the eyes are nice but I think you could make it stand out more. The pose it's in makes me imagine it in a battle, flying up and taunting it's enemy. Also the few markings on it make it unique. All in all this is a superb drawing! Keep up the good work!
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thankyou for the cretique :)
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You're welcome! ^~^
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I simply love this dragon.  She goes the extra step when she gets up in the morning and we all appreciate it =)
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Neat! But, I may not be able to the coloring well. But, I will see what I can do. :}
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What is the colour of her tongue? ^^
Does she have teeth?
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havent thought about that before, but lets just say the same green color as her eyes and stuff.
and yes ofc D:
a dragon without teeth... now that would be something..
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Hahahahaha, oke good to now that ^^
Thanks for the information:meow::evillaugh:
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uhh..umm..err.... YOU ARE SO FUCKING AWSOMEEEEEE!!!!! YOU'RE MY IDOOL!!!! :iconcryforeverplz::iconhappytearsplz:
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aww... :heart:
im really honored to hear so! :glomp:
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To have wings such as these would be a heaven on earth coveted by many if not all. I'M JELLY Dx lol
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I love the design!
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glad to hear! :hug:
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a pretty woman dragon! xD so cool!
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Marvelous, absolutely marvelous.
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