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Fighting dragons

made as a christmas present for a classmate this year :)
water dragon by Sunima
Soliva by Sunima
Skyter uten syn by Sunima
Protection by Sunima

Soulseeker by Sunima


instagram: sunimo94
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very dinamic. Very beautiful. 
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I am loving the ferocious expressions of the dragons, and the amount of detail you have added to them! :D
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where is the fire? Otherwise pretty good
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That is amazingly well done! That classmate of yours is quite lucky! 0-0 
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This is awesome work!!
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Oh, great work.
I like this style of scales. They look sharp and hardened. It is also very dangerous for somebody who will not have scales for themselves. Beware and fear powerful HUG of such dragon.

So much of rage. It will be Great and cruel fight.
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Green: "You little f*cker; that was my chocolate cake!"
Blue: "Well you shouldn't have left it on the table!"

:roll: Dragons...
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haha xD that would have been you and me over a chocolate cake piece im sure :P
how are you btw? what are you up to in life? anything interesting happening?¨
i am waiting for a phonecall tomorrow to be interviewed for the childrensbook i might be illustrating for. so im a little stressed out o.o
and i have so much to draw! this book is going to contain a lot of drawings :P which is going to take a looong time to do. i wonder how long D:
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Yes, that sounds about right. :D

Let me see. I head back to my flat at University on saturday, but right now I'm trying to finish an essay (peice of writing) that must be completed for next friday. Quite a lot of work, but it should be OK. I have 3 more months at University left, and then for a year I'm working to get experience. So at the moment I'm looking for interesting places to intern as an architect for that year. But I also want to try out other things, like publishing, or design. It's exciting. What about you?

I see that was yesterday, so I hope the phonecall went OK! :) I'm they'll love your work. It would be really cool to work on a book. :D
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Oh how cool. Im excited to hear what it comes to then :) good luck!

the phonecall went ok. :) he seemed positive for my drawings. But i might have to do some changes in style. :/ we dont know yet, its still early. 
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I'm glad to hear! Well, that's a small sacrifice I suppose, but I have my figers crossed for you. :D
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This is awsome! I love the details! :D
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Awesome drawing it totally blew my mind !!
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This is a couple fighting over family issues...  ; )
Seriously, though, very cool.
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This looks like a still frame of a dueling dragons scene. Great action here!
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You always put so much detail in to all your pieces!!
They always look amazing and this is no exception, fantastic job :3
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Amasing! I love fights!
And you draw them perfectly)
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And yes, I miss your artwork!
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The details are the most stunning part of this. What took my attention are minor things on the coloring, like the lighting on leftys horns and shadowing and texture on rightys neck. 
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