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A song for the moons reflection

Hello guys :)

This is a digital painting commissioned as a design to be used for different apparel.
Example, you can buy it as a bedsheet through Wolvestuff! :…
Here is a video showing the same product:…
The file was painted in 10k.


Hope you like it! 

My patreon page:
Instagram: sunnymyster

Guardian of the galaxies by Sunima  Greed by Sunima  Wolf warrior by Sunima  Owls v2 by Sunima  Autumn spirit bear by Sunima  A moose with a beanie by Sunima 
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© 2018 - 2021 Sunima
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Wow, this looks incredible! Beautiful work!

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Mycket vackert! 😃
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tusen takk! :heart:
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Varsågod! 😃 vacker konst skall uppmuntras 😃
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this gif is great
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PLEASE put a watermark on this or make it smaller to be viewed online, I'm sure this will be
stealed so many times to be commercialized on t-shirts that we would like to die asap ._.
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there already is a watermark on it down right in front of the feathers o.o
and its not that big. the original is larger then 10000 pxls
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Keep the super-big file stored somewhere like IN A SAFE XD
Btw those dirty thief steal designs like this all the time, if it's bigger than 500 px and does not
have a watersign in the center, they keep it and they put it on everything to sell è___é
I hate them, I recently find another wolf shop online that is selling your stuff (and many other's too)
and I'm so angry about this >_______<
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yes, its the worst thing for us artists.... artthefts D: Its not cool.
And its so hard to fight off. Even if you put watermark on stuff they manage to remove it. Apparently there is apps for such things theese days.
And yes, i could upload it smaller, but i still want to show my watchers what ive made... and i like to be able to show the details for the interested x)¨

~  Sunny
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that is crazy awesome. love the poses of the head and the feather dreamcatcher around it
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Out of this world
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Damnit Sunima, stop making such gorgeous wolf pics!! DX
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D: noes!

haha, thankyou :heart:
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You're welcome lol
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This is Amazing!

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