Get Dribbble Invite (I have 2 invites)

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By sunilbjoshi
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Hello guys,

Well i would like to tell you that i have 2 invitations of great community (for great designers) called dribbble.

So guys hurry up and show me some of your great work and you will get chance to be part of great community. Start following me on dribbble (

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hi bro,
can you invite me dribble
look at my work here: [link]

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sorry but i dont have any now, will let you know in future if i have any.
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okay. thanks for reply.

have wonderful day
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Hi Sunil,

Will you please send me a dribble invite at ..

Thank in advance..
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I can but i dont have any at the moment, so i will once i have !
I have some invites as well: [link]

Contact me on dribbble and I will check out your stuff :)

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Hihi, now would one of those invites still be available by any chance please? :iconeeeeeplz:
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thanks for asking, but i am already on dribbble
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I’m a designer from Sri Lanka and I would like to have a dribbble account to share my stuff, to get feedback for my work, become a part of a community from which I could some new stuffs.

My Portfolio: [link]
Dribbble: [link]
Facbook: [link]

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Hi, Actually invites were already given, but i will keep you in mind for next time... Thanks
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Hi sunilbjoshi,

I would love to have an invite - just followed you on dribbble!

Portfolio: [link]
Or check some of my work here in deviantart: [link]
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Hey buddy, unfortunately invites were already given.
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I had to try -but thx for your reply. I keep an eye on your account if you should get more invites :)
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Me too, it seems like i missed the party.
Hey guys, somebody can invite me please ?
my work is here, [link]
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To bad, well let us know when you have some more..
I`ll show you my case to.
Keep up the good work!
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Sure i will, thanks
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any invites left mate?
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Sims like i missed the party :)
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Yes mate, invites already given !
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Bro, this is my dribbble prospect account : [link]
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I would be happy to receive an invite from you.
plz see my stuffs - [link] and [link]
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Hey your works is really good, i will wait for tomorrow and decide the deserving winner... you are top at the moment...
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Thanks you dear :D draft wisely :hug:..
I was hunting since last year.
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