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nice design, gonna download this one :D
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hi sunil. cool design
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Nice work buddy!
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That´s a copy of ....
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On web you will see 50%+ designs look similar :) lol so they not copied but they have a bit of their own touch in it :) nice design bythway
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i wouldn't say it's an exact copy. but i can see similarities; particularly in all the white space, the search bar, the circular logo, and the content organization along the side. perhaps ~sunilbjoshi took inspiration from it?
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Exactly ... just inspired...not copy at all...
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simple & clean
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Looks a lot like
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Loved your works you are talented : )
Are you selling your layouts on themeforest?
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Thanks, Well i do sell my themes on Themeforest but not often.
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Tell me one thing, they are a very rigorous?
Did you ever got any of your submissions approved?
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Well i have uploaded 5 themes over there and all approved...on themeforest
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Can i see your profile there? : )
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thanks : ) i'm gonna try to make a new layout, last one got unaccepted : \
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