When you visit an artists gallery webpage, do you prefer...
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Home page has links that open new pages
Frames with static navigation on the left
Frames with static navigation on the top
Frames with static navigation on the bottom
Frame with thumbnails/scroll bar that put a larger image in the center
Other..? (please elaborate, include links for example)
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Ah-TeenStudent Photographer
I hate frames to no end. Navigation doesn't matter where you put it aslong as it doesn't get in the way of the pictures. Thats why I usually go with a top navigation and the images to open a new window.

It may be easier just to put navigation on a frame but it looks awful and can cause a whole host of problems for some browsers.

I love this guy's site. Not only is he a freaking awsome photographer but his website is fantastic and easy to use.
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SunGryphonHobbyist General Artist
That's a great link, thanks for sharing. He's actually got a combination site. If you notice, when you click on galleries, the top level gallery images show below the navigation. When you select a gallery, the navigation stays the same while the thumbnails appear below. That's what I meant by a frame, not one of those ugly geocities-type html things.
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lethe-grayHobbyist Writer
Definitely use the frames, and most artists sites I *enjoy* visiting, have the scrolling feature to move a new piece into the main frame. They don't have to be full size there, you could be able to click on them to pop out to a full view, but the frames are very nice to have. Art = frames, anyway right? :)