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Confused? City of Heroes

So I just wanted to have a separate journal for CoX references.

Slowly but surely I am clawing my way through my massive character list. Screenshots, a little bit of a bio, powers, links to stories that they're in... Yeah, I'm not addicted or anything. Keep an eye on this for future updates. Some are screenshots done with the Korean costume generator so they're not canon. I'll be updating them when I get the opportunity. I've moved the ones I don't have anymore, or don't have any info on, they're now at the bottom of the list.

Characters marked with * belong to NightGryphon, my husband and co-storyteller.



Virtue Group Pt 1 by SunGryphon Virtue Group Pt 3 by SunGryphon Virtue Group Pt 2 by SunGryphon


CBR 929 RR Super Strength/Invuln Tank - Brian Jody O'Connell - The party animal
Virtue - CBR 929 RR by SunGryphon CBR 929 RR Civs No Helmet by SunGryphon CBR 929 RR helmet by SunGryphon

CBRXX Blackbird Gravity/Storm Controller - Brandon Jayne O'Connell - The sane one.
CBRXX Blackbird Civs No Helmet by SunGryphon CBRXX Blackbird Helmet by SunGryphon CBRXX Blackbird and CBR 929 RR by SunGryphon Twins Helmets by SunGryphon
Born on July 4, 1976, the twins Brandon and Brian have ever been motorcycle fanatics. Starting at an early age, they both pursued different aspects of the sport (motocross and sport bike racing), culminating in a cross-country endurance race which they entered in an attempt to win enough money to start their own bike shop. Sadly, during this trip Brandon had a near-fatal accident, paralyzing him from the waist down and landing him in a coma. He was taken to Paragon City when he started affecting metal while he was still unconscious. When he awoke several months later, he found he had the ability to affect gravity. In addition, Brian also underwent a transformation, duly tested after a night of heavy drinking followed by a wreck that left him unscathed. Brian is a "recovering" alcoholic and still has many issues, which he subconsciously takes out on the Rogue Isles populace (under the influence of Mr. Whith) as his alter ego, Urban Scorn.
Why Am I Always Kate Jackson? by turkeycreaux

*Chet Walker - Aaron Walker's older brother. Supportive of his sibling's trials and tribulations, he accompanied Aaron to Paragon City for moral support. In addition, he has opened a recording studio so he can continue to produce his country albums.

*Colonel Fission/Major Fission Energy/Invulnerability Tank -

GyreFalcon Claw/Regen Scrapper - Born June 27, 1804. Alexander Monroe, ripped through time by a mysterious gateway. Lands in Paragon City only to find his DNA has been inextricably mixed with his falcon, Vortex, giving him abilities he never dreamed of. Sexy beast that he is. Married Gabriella "Healing Kiss" Martin. Alex is almost all me, personality-wise. I :heart: him.
GyreFalcon CoH Ref by SunGryphon GyreFalcon Tinted by SunGryphon GyreFalcon by SunGryphon GyreFalcon by Juggertha  <img src="…"</img width="107" height="92">   </p>:thumb54008432: Daily Doodle 16 : GyreFalcon by KidRaid

*Healing Kiss Gravity/Empathy Controller -

Jade Kestrel Illusion/ Controller - Holly Zhang, all grown up.

Jade Ocelot Katana/Reflex Scrapper / Katana/Reflex Stalker-
Zhang Song Mai : Song is Chinese/Japanese-American. She has shoulder-length black hair with bangs and green eyes. She is lithe and lean, an athletic beauty. She runs an art gallery for up-and-coming artists and her clothing is fashionable but tasteful, favoring rich oriental-style dresses.
Song as the Jade Ocelot : The Jade Ocelot is a combination of Batman and Catwoman, and Song is the Bruce Wayne. The Jade Ocelot originated in Tokyo and has existed in Japanese history since the Edo period (the 1600's) as an anti-hero. She helps herself, but will help others if she knows about it. Each generation, a young woman is chosen by the Spirit of Ocelot to become the Jade Ocelot. Once chosen, she is gifted with cat-like reflexes, and can move so fast that time seems to slow down or stop (think bullet-time). Song's family has been blessed with the Spirit of Ocelot since the early 1900's. Song originally used her powers as a cat burglar, stealing jewels and other assets from those she deemed evil, such as the Family. She also disrupted the human smuggling rings in Independence Port. One particular thorn in her side was the Peregrine Falcon. Although he caught her many times, he always let her go. After a time, they realized they were in love with one another, though neither would admit it. Finally, after being caught red-handed by the Peregrine Falcon, she fled after giving him the jewel she had just stolen. When Peregrine found she'd really given him a cloth-wrapped marble, he pursued in a chase that went from Independance Port to the Hollows. When he finally caught up with her, neither one expected what followed.

Kid Kestral Civilian
Holly as Zhang Ha Lei : Holly is the daughter of Kelly and Song. She did not know Kelly was her father until her 10th birthday, and indeed, Song didn't tell Kelly himself until a few weeks before Holly knew. She is an extremely bright child, but has a tendency to get into trouble due to her penchant for daydreaming. She has brown eyes and has convinced her mother to let her have a distinctly anime-style haircut of short, spikey, steel-blue/purplish hair. Due to a close call, Holly is no longer allowed to perform sidekick duties as Kid Kestral.
Kid Kestral - Zhang Ha Lei by SunGryphon
Holly as Kid Kestral :
Kid Kestral - CoH reference by SunGryphon

Kyrie Elaison Peacebringer - Twin sister of Pax Nocturnae. At this point in time, neither of the women remember much about who they were before the Kheldians joined with them, however it should be pointed out that they are both blind without their Kheldians.
Kyrie Elaison - CoH ref by SunGryphon

Lady Kilauea/Kilauea Bacchus Broadsword/Dark Scrapper - Kilauea is probably my longest-running character, although not my oldest. She keeps showing up in various games I play (both PnP and MMO), but she's pretty much kept the same description throughout. Kilauea is the granddaughter of my first D&D character. She is a mutt of the D&D world, being part dark elf, part grey elf, with a smattering of demon thrown in for good measure. Her skin isn't black, but more of a dark blue-grey color. She has white hair that has a silver-blue sheen in the light. Her eyes are violet, and friendly. She is almost always smiling. If she is associated with any element, it without a doubt has to be fire.

Mabinogion Empathy/Mind Defender - Born July 30, 1895 in Ireland, Kathleen O'Ryan was an aspiring archaeologist and historian, ignoring the jeers and taunts of her peers as she investigated the mysterious Faerie Mounds of Ireland. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, she discovered that legends are sometimes based on fact, and found herself transported from the year 1925 to the Faerie realm. Forgetting where she was, she partook of the food and drink offered her, and became trapped. She was given a gift of healing from a Faerie prince who was enamoured of her. After a week of endless revelry, she finally won her freedom, but found she'd been tricked after all. Eighty years had passed in the surface world, and she'd been given up for dead decades ago. Her peers and family were long gone, and she decided to simply start a new life in America and use her powers for good.
Mabinogion - CoH Ref by SunGryphon:thumb58784659::thumb58784791:

Pax NocturnaeWarshade - Twin sister of Kyrie Elaison
Pax Nocturnae - CoH ref by SunGryphon

Peregrine Falcon Martial Arts/Reflex Scrapper -
Kelly Falconne : Kelly is a science professor at Paragon City University. He is a studious, bookwormish, rumpled-looking yet handsome fellow with chestnut brown hair that always seems to be a little messy no matter how much gel he uses. It's short with longer bangs he pushes off to the side. He has steel gray eyes, and wears thin, light wire-framed glasses. He has an athletic body, but not musclebound. Think martial-artist. Normally wears khakis, a button-down shirt with unbuttoned cuffs, and generic brown shoes.  He also has a long leather thong he wears as a necklace, with a ring of braided gold that has a crest with a falcon on it (falconcrest haha). He always keeps this tucked in his shirt. Although she does not know it, this will be Song's engagement/wedding ring when the time is right.
Peregrine Falcon :

Phoenix Dragon Kinetic/Radiation Defender - The Phoenix Dragon nanite project, became sentient after being forcibly removed from Moira O'Connor.
Phoenix Dragon civs by SunGryphon Phoenix Dragon - CoH reference by SunGryphon $10 Sketch - Phoenix Fire by hugohugo

Phoenix Serenity Peacebringer - Adam O'Siodhachain (O SHEE-han) had always been fascinated by space. Nothing held his interest like the sky, and a series of telescopes as he was growing up ensured a strong drive to be involved in a job involving space. Turned down a NASA job for one in the civilian sector on a private spaceship project. During a test flight, he encountered a kheldian that called itself "Phoenix". His hero name comes from the Kheldian, and also the name of the ship in Firefly. One of my best costumes to date, I think.
Phoenix Serenity - CoH ref by SunGryphon

Semper Fidelis/Aaron Walker Fire/Fire Tank / Arrow Defender - Born May 2, 1977, Aaron always knew there was something different about himself, but he lived in denial for years. He joined the Marines out of high school, but was sent to Paragon City near the end of his tour due to the manifestation of his powers during a high-stress battle. He was given an honorable discharge, after which he finally accepted his homosexuality. He has since pursued a singing career like his brother Chet, and both are successful country singers.
Semper Fidelis - CoH Ref by SunGryphon

SunFall Dark/Regen Scrapper - Born August 21, 1978, Jonathan Soaring Hawk was a member of the Los Prietos Hot Shots, a famed California wildfire fighting team. Seemingly without fear, these smoke jumpers and hot shots battled the huge wildfires that constantly ravaged California. During one such battle, Jonathan came across a partially burned bunker hidden deep in the Los Padres National Forest. Upon investigation, he found evidence of chemical and biological warfare agents in development. Unfortunately, a simple mistep caused him to fall and knock one of the barrels of caustic liquid on himself, causing terrible burns to his face and arms. Blinded and in shock, he found himself in the spirit realm, but not dead. His Chumash indian ancestors guided him fully back to the land of the living, whereupon he found he had the ability to pull power from the spirit realm and use it for himself. Using clues he found in the bunker, he traveled to Paragon City to find out exactly who had been developing the weapons of mass destruction.

SunGryphon Fire/Energy Blaster - SunGryphon is an experiment, a mutant with less human genes and more eagle and feline genes. She likes fire. A lot. She's the not-quite-pet, not-quite-hunting-cat of NightGryphon. She can't speak, but she's highly intelligent. She's very catlike, often ignoring those she's not interested in, and prone to flopping down for a quick snooze if nothing is going on.
SunGryphon CoH reference by SunGryphon

TAL 9000/Gavyn Phoenix Radiation/Radiation Defender / Peacebringer -……

Victory X - male Ice/Force Field Controller - Born October 31, 1952, Victor Morgan, reported KIA during a tour of duty, turned up years later in Paragon City seemingly alive and well. Although generally good, he fights in both Paragon City, and at the source in the Rogue Isles.…

White Sands - female Energy/Energy Blaster -Retired Hero Moira Martinez, nee O'Connor. Consultant for the SuperGroup Lux Aeterna. Leader of The Talons of Freedom.…
White Sands 1 by SunGryphon White Sands - Angelic by SunGryphon White Sands CoH Ref by SunGryphon



Bad Moon Rising - He's a big, bad, digitigrade shaggy werewolf critter guy. Black and dark grey are his fur colors, and his eyes are green. He's about 9 feet tall. All I have right now is a screenshot from CoH (note the uncanny similarity to Desert Fang ;)), no shoulderpads or belt, please, he's more like to have tattered shirt and blue jeans remnants on him.

Desert Fang Martial Arts/ Stalker - Fang is an anthro long-haired German Shepherd. This means he's shaggy all over, though he does have hair on his head. He wears a black spiked collar with a short chain lead (about 1 1/2 foot) dangling off of it. He sometimes wears handwraps, like a martial arts/kickboxing wrap, or spiked fingerless gloves. His eyes are amber-brown. Fang is about 6 1/2 feet tall. See the redlines thumbnail for hair, and eye color. Remember, no shoulder pads, no belt. Fang is a character in development, so changes may take place without warning. The following pictures are not necessarily canon, so until there is an "official" reference sheet, please read for updates.
Subscription Trade by lady-cybercat :thumb34685552: Desert Fang - CoH reference by SunGryphon :thumb42455417: Fang's Redlines by SunGryphon

Eclipsed Sun Dark/Dark Corruptor - Sun is blind. He is a creature of shadow, learning about humans for some unknown entity. The more he learns, the more confused he becomes. Unbeknownst to him, this confusion is helping him to become more human.

*Long Odds and Even Odds - Veronica and Quinton Odd - They are both fey, tall and willowy, with long fingers and porcelain skin. They both have hazel eyes that change color depending on their mood - their eyes become a vivid emerald green when they decide to go on a killing spree. They have been spoiled and pampered since birth, and are filthy rich. They are spiteful, evil and cruel. They care nothing for anyone or anything except each other. They are bored with life and create insanity and death for entertainment. Although they are twins, their relationship at times seems to be more along the lines of incest, and most people who meet them for the first time think they are lovers or married.
Veronica - She is an exquisite beauty, with long auburn hair. She favors little black dresses and stiletto heels. Her weapon of choice is a rosary that conceals a garotte.
Quinton - He is an beautifully androgynous man, with shoulder-length black hair, and no facial hair. He likes to wear black straight leg trousers, an untucked white dress shirt, and a black jacket. His weapon of choice is a traditional straight razor.
They enjoy dressing in garish costumes, and are never far from one another.
:thumb36648647: Veronica and Quinton - CoH ref by SunGryphon

Paradox Blue Echo Mercenaries/Traps Mastermind - Jessie Holliday was a crack-shot rodeo star until an orchestrated rodeo accident amputated both of her arms. She received cybernetic limbs in Paragon City, and fought on the side of good until a slow descent into madness took her over the edge and into the arms of Malta. She has now abandoned Malta, roaming the Rogue Isles with her team of mercenaries. It is rumored she has fallen in love with an Arachnos Mu Guardian named Mu'Revekt.
City of Villains: Paradox Blue by renzoku:thumb51425467:

Sinfernal Fire/Fire Tank / Necro/Dark Mastermind / Fire/Fire Brute / Dark/Fire Brute / Mind/Fire Dominator - Likes to play with fire and men. Often at the same time. Originally summoned by a hapless (and now dead) group of Hellions in Dark Astoria, she spends time in Paragon City attempting to corrupt heroes. She much prefers the vulgarity of the Rogue Isles however, often toying with Hellions and Circle of Thorns by making them believe they have summoned her, and then destroying them when she's done with them. She has an especial weakness for certain types of male heroes, often letting them live for much longer than necessary before disposing of them. It is rumored that there are some men she won't kill.
:thumb48420520: Nurse Sinfernal by SunGryphon:thumb58751270::thumb57223512:

Mature Content

Sinfernal by Daggerpoint by SunGryphon
   Sinfernal by Dursagon:thumb59223884:

Mature Content

Lil Nurse Sinfernal by Larissa-Rasputin

Urban Scorn Energy/Energy Stalker - CBR 929 RR/Brian O'Connell's alter ego often shows up after he backslides into drinking. Originally captured by Mr. Whith and brainwashed, Brian completely forgot about his good self for many months as he carried out the whims of the evil Mr. Whith. Although he was finally able to overcome his domination, when he drinks he becomes weak-minded, and prone to suggestions whispered in his ear as he sleeps it off.

Victory X - female Ice/Fire Blaster -

White Sands - male Energy/Energy Blaster - Born April 1, 1975, Major Daniel Robinson has been sent to Paragon City by the Air Force to test out some new equipment.

Tron v2.0 Empathy/Electric Defender -

*Twilight Sands Energy Blaster - Daughter of Gabriel and Moira Martinez, retired heroes…

Vext Spines/Dark Scrapper -

Shadow Prism Warshade - He is still learning to speak English and sometimes doesn't understand why humans do the things they do.

Sky Blade Broadsword/Invuln Scrapper - Duo with Air Blade

Storm Edge Storm/Electricity Defender - Duo with Fire Edge

*Proton Pigeon - Energy/Energy Blaster - 12-year-old Buck could be considered a nerd. Well, not could. Is. Last to be picked for gym class, first to be picked on. Now that he's got his proton accelerator gloves working, after many failed attempts and mysterious explosions, he's out to prove that no one can push this nerdiling around. Armed with his new technology, the latest in stylish spandex apparel, and those really cool Captain Blasto goggles he got from the sci-fi con, he hits the streets as Paragon's newest junior hero - The Proton Pigeon. Now if everyone would stop asking him "Aren't you a little short for a hero?"
Proton Pigeon by SunGryphon Why Am I Always Kate Jackson? by turkeycreaux

*Quantum Hawk -

Quantum Quail Kinetic/Radiation Defender - 12-year-old Skip's mom doesn't know what he's been cooking up in the after-school science club. Quite frankly, neither does Skip, but that doesn't stop him from trying out his Ultra Tachyononucleidronium String Propelled Gloves on the less lawful of Paragon City. Completely oblivious to the fact that he trails a cloud of charged tachyons behind him, he is also blissfully unaware of the havoc it wreaks in his path, teleporting dried leaves, ants, and sometimes small mammels to God knows where- a fact that could bite him on the ass, and almost assuredly will.
Quantum Quail by SunGryphon Why Am I Always Kate Jackson? by turkeycreaux

*Midnight Gun Thug/Force Mastermind - Former Secret Service and intelligence agent. Currently undercover in the Rogue Isles.

*NightGryphon Broadsword/Reflex Scrapper

GyreFalcon's Legacy Martial Arts/Regen Scrapper - Born October 31, 2006. Nathaniel Monroe, son of Alex and Gabriella. Travelled back in time from 2030 to 2005 along with Rebecca "Twilight Sands" Martinez due to a magical goof-up. Managed to get them both out of 2005 before paradox and now fighting crime in an alternate reality. His father's DNA blessed him with heightened vision, hearing, and when he reached puberty, wings.…
GyreFalcon's Legacy - CoH ref by SunGryphon

1000th Crane Katana/Dark Scrapper -

*Air Blade Katana/ Scrapper - Duo with Sky Blade

*Air Blazer Storm/Electricity Defender / Sonic/Electric Blaster -

Agent Swoboda Martial Arts Scrapper - C'mon, isn't it a requirement of the game that you make a "former Crey agent" character?

*BigTop Dark/Invulnerability Scrapper - Gabriel Martinez, retired Hero.

Boobie Taunt Tank - I never played this character too much. I was too afraid of getting banned.
Boobie Taunt by SunGryphon

Black Amethyst -

Dashiell Dark/Dark Defender -
Dashiell v1 by SunGryphon

Disco Lemonade Martial Arts/ Scrapper -

*Dream Prism Peacebringer-

Faster Pussycat Controller -

*Fire Edge Fire/Fire Tank -

*Gauss Hawk

Gunk Gone Wrong Spine/Regen Scrapper - What happens when you leave food in the fridge for too long? Gunk happens.

*Carn Evil

Crey Hawk Robot/Trap Mastermind - The ghost in the machine that was once Gavyn Shepherd.

*Desert Flames

*Desert Viper

Jungle Orchid Plant/Thorn Dominator -

Locust Eater Zombie/Dark Mastermind - Locust is... hmm... strange. Alien. When it talks, it sounds like crackling leaves. When it moves, it tends to create a muffled buzzing noise. The reason for this is that this creature is actually made up of insects. Beneath the larger exoskeletal plates crawl millions of crickets, grasshoppers and locusts. When it is cut, these insects spill out in a flood. It is a predator, however upon capturing prey, its first move is to remove the eyes of its victim, either sliding them behind the mask it wears to eat fresh, or else placing them in a bag to save for later. Yes, this character even weirds ME out.

Missile Toe - Happy Holidays, motherfuckers! *BOOM*
Missile Toe by SunGryphon

*Mr. Whith Mind/Mind Dominator -

Mu'Revekt Electric/Electric Brute - Mu'Revekt, once unfalteringly loyal to Arachnos, now has to come to terms with the strange feelings Paradox Blue Echo stirs in his black heart.
Mu'Revekt - Reference by SunGryphon

Poc Dubh Electric/Invulnerability Brute - The Black Buck. The Hunger in the Woods. The Vengeance on the Hunter.

Sea -

*Umbral Chill -

Umbral Witch -

Urban Rage -

*Xerixes Claw/Dark Stalker - Sinfernal's familiar.

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