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Two Welsummers I'm renting for the season. They go back home in October.
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Wow, these two are stunning!!Love 
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Yes they are! Too bad I can't keep them :)
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I love that, 'renting'! Sounds more like a 'lease to own' ;) :lol:

The hackles on them look a lot like my Barnevelder boy. Although not saying your girls are boys. Just noting the gorgeous markings. :love:

How dark are their eggs? They look very close to laying, if not yet already.
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They were laying for a while but slowed way down when it got hot. The owner lent me her breeding pair of Light Sussex, and everybody laid eggs for a while, but then one of the Sussex went broody. I got her some eggs to hatch, and then right about when they were hatching, the OTHER Sussex went broody, and she holed up in the nesting area until I could move her, and kept the Welsummers out of the nesting area for so long I have no idea if they're laying AT ALL. I haven't found any field eggs so I'm not sure what's going on. But oh well. I have 14 chicks so some of them are BOUND to start laying eventually :P Welsummer eggs are a really pretty brown with darker brown speckles.
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Yeah chickens typically will go broody around this time. :nod:

Make sure they've got plenty of shade, water & juicy fruits/veggies as treats. Also, cut down on the ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) if you're using it. It's not as beneficial at the hottest time of the year. Better to switch in garlic or probiotics. Just imho.

Wonderful, wonderful! I believe you can help enhance the speckles by giving them blue/black skinned berries. So blueberries, black currants, blackberries, etc.
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Thanks for the tips :) They do have a lot of shade trees to hang out under and I'm looking into getting some probiotic powder to add to their feed :)
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Order some milk kefir grains & you can make your own probiotics indefinitely. Also good for humans, and tasty. :)
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Definitely something I've been thinking heavily about.
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It's a shame I don't have the name anymore of the person who gave me mine. We had lost/scrapped that info after our move. It was somewhere in the US though. But I would definitely look for ones selling raw milk kefir (strongest, should survive shipping), and if you can order two sources, would help so you can combine strains.^^
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Good idea! I'll keep an eye out.
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Bock bock~!! owo
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