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Kaelenea watched the ground carefully as she walked, afraid to look up and see just how close Meridian was. Her mind was a jumble of thoughts all vying for her attention. Alastar had said something unkind to her, his annoyance rising and then flaring in response to Zandra's continued poking, and he departed. Kae knew that Zandra was just trying to look out for her, but the way her heart had stopped beating as she watched Alastar walk away was enough to convince her that whatever she could get, whatever he was willing to give her, she would take it. She would take it with both hands and not question it, and be grateful.

She found him later by the Rill Pond, taking out his frustration on small creatures.

"I wouldn't blame you if you were mad," he'd said.

How could she explain how she felt without sounding like a desperate, love-struck fool? Ultimately she decided to keep it quiet. The last thing she wanted to do was scare him off with her feelings. Somehow they'd smoothed out the rough edges of the upset and he kissed her, really kissed her for the first time, taking her breath away and then she'd said she needed to return to the city and try to find a room and then he'd said that HE could get one for her... perhaps one for both of them.

And that's when Kae's mind stopped working properly. She'd agreed, even when he said they'd be sleeping, with that emphasis, and she still agreed. Now she was almost to Meridian, and she had no idea what to expect, and for the first time in a long time, was frightened out of her wits. What had she gotten herself into?

Alastar met her near the Meridian gate, and she forgot all about being afraid. She walked quietly alongside him as he lead her to the room he'd found, talking about his success in bargaining and how he was sure she'd be comfortable. She couldn't help glancing at him as they walked, her eyes memorizing every detail of his face, lingering over his lips as he spoke; somehow the flash of his teeth stirred something that slumbered deep within her.

"And here we are!" Alastar opened the door with a flourish, revealing a richly furnished room with a single bed. Kae was amazed. She'd spent time at inns before but nothing like this. She slowly walked in, taking in the sumptuous fabrics. She avoided looking at the bed, instead going to the window, swallowing as Alastar closed the door firmly and flipped the lock. She looked out over Freemarch, the rolling hills turning golden in the sunset. Alastar moved around the room behind her, activating several magitech lamps that lifted off their pedestals and glowed with a clear, pale light.

Kae turned away from the window to find Alastar standing near her, and finally hazarded a look at the bed. It seemed small for two people, they would have to be sleeping very close. She blushed, thinking of it. Alastar smiled at her, gently. He brushed one hand against her cheek and kissed her softly, slowly, until she began to relax, then stepped away. He picked up his lute and strummed it, then picked out a soothing tune. Kae smiled and visibly relaxed further, focusing on the music and his voice, and he nodded to himself.

He finished the song and carefully set the lute aside, then walked over to Kaelenea. "We're just sleeping, remember?"

She nodded and smiled, her eyes meeting his. "I've never... shared a bed with a man before," she said, awkwardly. She didn't know how he'd react to the implications of that, and was relieved when he simply nodded and smiled and took her hand, leading her over to the bed and sitting her down. "You'll find it's much like sleeping alone, only warmer and more comfortable," he said with a grin.

He turned away and began to undress, removing his tunic with a practiced ease that bought Kae's eyes to his back, watching the muscles play under his golden skin. Her breath caught a little when he turned around after removing his boots. He smiled and posed a little, "See something you like?"

She nodded mutely, her gaze traveling from his face down to his chest, lingering over the slight bit of hair there, and then down along his stomach to his navel, where another fine trail of hair began and vanished into the waistband of his breeches. "I'm sorry," she said, dragging her eyes back to his face, back to those gorgeous blue-green eyes that had captured her just after his voice did. "I've never... well... Pretty much everything from here on, I've never done." She smiled self-depreciatingly.

He paused for a moment, thinking, and then with a grin stripped down to his underwear, "No time like the present, eh?"

Kaelenea felt the tips of her ears burning. Alastar had just shown her more of a man than she'd ever seen before, and the thin cloth of his underwear barely left anything to the imagination. Suddenly all her sister's hushed, breathless stories made sense. He was handsome, his body was fit and well-muscled, and that golden skin... her fingers itched to touch it. "Should I...?" She gestured awkwardly to her robe.

Smiling, he walked around to the other side of the bed, pulling the covers back.  He was gently serious for a moment, "Whatever you are comfortable with. Remember, we're only sleeping." A glint of mischief sparked in his blue-green eyes, "This time."

She looked down at her robe, picking at it nervously. She usually slept in the nude, but wasn't about to tell him that. She settled for removing everything but her short chemise and underwear then went about the room, turning off the lights, stalling. She deactivated them all save for one next to the bed. Alastar watched her thoughtfully. He knew she was completely unaware of how attractive she was, and this made her even more appealing. But experience taught him when the right moment was for certain things, and that time had not yet arrived.

Kae shyly slid beneath the covers, all too aware of the nearness of Alastar's body. Her fingers itched again and she turned towards him. He propped himself on one elbow and smiled at her.

"Aly..." she said, hesitantly. He said nothing, knowing at this point he might scare her back into shyness with a simple cleared throat, and instead only gazed at her. She reached out; her fingers splayed towards his chest, and then pulled back, "May I…?"

"Of course," he replied, then moved to lie on his back, pushing the covers down to his waist and lacing his fingertips under his head. Kae shifted and sat up, her thigh pressing against his side as she tentatively laid her hands on his skin. She explored his chest, shoulders and arms, her velvet black coloring a sharp contrast to his golden flesh, her fingertips tracing the curves and hollows of his lean body. She placed one hand gently on his throat, tracing his markings. She had the urge to kiss them, which caused her to blush and move her hand away. Her fingertips traveled lightly down his chest, stroking the bit of silky hair she encountered near his nipples, then stroking across the nipples themselves, her ears perking up at Alastar's quiet sigh. His stomach tensed as her fingers explored the hollow of his navel then hesitated on the trail of hair leading further down.

Gently, Alastar took her hands in his, "Not tonight." He pulled her back down to lie next to him, grateful at the moment for the jumble of blankets hiding his arousal from her. She settled next to him, instinctively fitting herself beneath his arm and resting her head on his shoulder.  He turned his head and gave her a slow, soft kiss, then reached out and turned off the last light, pulling the blankets up and settling her more comfortably against his body. He smiled in the darkness as she planted a tiny kiss on his chest and whispered, "Thank you." She was asleep within moments, her soft, even breathing tickling across his skin. It took a fair bit longer for him to relax enough to sleep.
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Kaelenea is my Kelari pyromancer in Rift.
Alastar belongs to ~Malicide and is used with permission.
© 2011 - 2021 SunGryphon
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Hehehe. This is cute, especially the line, "You'll find it's much like sleeping alone, only warmer and more comfortable".

And can't you put it in a normal literature category?
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Thanks. I'm working on the next night they get together but having difficulty with the more intimate details :P As far as the normal lit category, I probably could but I don't like that I have to go seven categories deep to get to the end of the breadcrumb.
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Lol, true enough.