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A strange duo trudged through the high snow-covered hills of Stonebrunt. The first, an obvious warrior, carried two blades hung in scabbards at his sides, and wore black and silver plate armor. His steel-gray hair was pulled back away from his face, his elven heritage clearly showing in the pointed tips of his ears, and his helm was hung within easy reach from a clip on his pack. His eyes roamed constantly over the landscape, watching for the ravenous tigers that wandered through the mountains.

The second of the pair was also obviously an elf, but with quite different giveaways. Her skin was dark twilight blue, and looked almost like it should have stars sprinkled on it. Her silver-blue hair was cropped short, to keep it out of her eyes when she performed her duties. She also wore plate armor, but it was the indigo and black stuff of her native crafters, the dark elves. She carried a worn book cradled in one arm, and a sturdy club in the other. She also cast her eyes about warily, tense with anticipation as they crossed the open snowfields.

"I don't like it, Danny, I don't like it one bit," she said to the warrior walking in front of her. "Surely by now we should have found some landmark that would lead us back to the cave. We didn't go far... did we?"

"Easy Kia, I don't like this any more than you do, but it won't be the first time we've been lost out here and come through, would it?" said Danyael, glancing back at his wife with a smile.

"I thought all wood elves were supposed to be one with nature. Well, nature boy, have you figured out what direction we're heading yet?"

"Shush, evil wench, let me try to get my bearings..."

Danyael was interrupted by a growl and a roar, as a huge white tiger bounded over a nearby hump of snow with claws outstretched. He whirled and at the same time put his helm on. By the time the tiger reached him he had both swords free of their scabbards, and was already moving to attack.

He moved swiftly and smoothly, his training evident in the fluid motions of his body and blades. The tiger roared in rage when he scored a blow across its shoulder, leaving a large flap of skin hanging. It snarled and reached out with a huge claw, catching his leg and leaving a short, but deep, wound.

Kiakyrie stood by, keeping one eye on her husband and the other on the surrounding area. Experience had taught her that creatures seemed to sense when a cleric was meditating in the area, and invariably would attack if they found one, even if that cleric was more powerful than they.

She judged Danyael's wounds with a practiced eye. He was bleeding from several shallow scratches, and a couple not-so-shallow, but seemed none the worse for the wear. The tiger was a different story, its blood streaming out of many deep wounds, tinting the white fur red. It roared again, furiously, and landed a mighty blow against Danyael's left arm, causing him to yelp and drop his sword.

"Can't feel it, Kia!" he called, managing to fend off the creature with his remaining weapon. Kiakyrie nodded and began her spell, pulling forth energies both from herself and from the divine. As always when healing Danyael, she felt as if she had to wrestle the energy into him, as if it knew that it was to be used to help a being of good. The blue aura finally stopped fighting her and settled around his body, causing his wounds to close up.

The tiger snarled when it realized its foe was renewed in strength, and turned to the only person who could have caused it. With a roar, it bared its fangs at Kiakyrie, and leapt towards her. She stood her ground, raising her club slightly, but trusting Danyael to take care of it.

He quickly snatched his other sword up and rushed the beast from behind. He jumped, and landed a mortal blow against the back of its neck, ending its charge towards the cleric, and the lifeless body crumpled to the ground.

Panting slightly, Danyael wiped his hand across his brow.

"Didn't you always say you wanted a tiger skin rug?" he asked his wife, grinning.

"If you want to skin it and haul it, be my guest," she replied, arching a fine eyebrow at him. "I think we should get back to shelter though, it looks like it may start snowing again."

Leaving the carcass, they moved off again, both hoping they were going the right way.

The wind began to pick up, carrying the scent of fresh snow from the heavy clouds to the north. Within a few moments, huge flakes began to fall, slowly at first, and then faster, the wind whirling them around Kiakyrie and Danyael.

In a short time, the two were snowblind, unable to see more than a few inches in front of their faces. Danyael reached back and grabbed Kia's hand, knowing that they'd have little chance if they were separated. He concentrated on keeping his path straight, praying that they would find shelter soon, preferably the large cave they had rested in earlier.

A dark shadow passed nearby, gigantic. Danyael froze, then started moving again as the shadow moved away. He stopped in awe as he stepped into one of the creatures tracks, which was at least as wide as he was tall. He and Kia exchanged a look, and moved on slightly faster than before. The land was dangerous, and neither of them wanted to risk more than they already had.

Danyael paused as he came to the base of the huge cliffs that cradled the mountains and valleys of Stonebrunt, then turned northward, keeping the cliffs on his right shoulder. He came upon the cave so suddenly he almost fell into it, and quickly the pair moved inside, relieved to see their packs where they had left them earlier. They moved around a bend in the cave, away from the biting cold wind, and Kia quickly got a fire started. Dragging their heavy fur cloaks out of the packs, they wrapped themselves, huddling together close to the fire, and fell into exhausted sleep.
EverQuest fan-fiction written early '03. More to come, hopefully.
© 2006 - 2021 SunGryphon
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Love this RPG section. Reminds me when I had plenty of time in my hands and used it to play :)
But back then my games were text-based. No images :(
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Did you ever play Kyrandia?
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Nope. I did play Infinity, Nightfalls-keep, ShadowMUD, Afterlife, Mortal Remains, Shadowlands, Enkidu, Angst, Dead of Night. Was creator/wizard/coder to four of them.