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Haleakala was a young elf. Well, young by elven standards, and certainly by the standards of the large green construct she was currently arguing with, even if she was one hundred and thirty-two years old.

"But they're the most well-known troupe in Stormreach! Don't you want me to learn to be a better bard?" Her short silver hair fluttered in the ocean breeze drifting through the windows of the tavern as she looked pleadingly up at the emotionless face of the warforged. Her eyes, a stunning shade of violet tinted with red, normally won over the hardest of hearts; however, warforged had the hardest hearts of all, quite literally.

"Of course, Lady Haleakala, but I simply cannot permit you to go to that part of the city alone," replied Peridot, one of the forest guardians of the city of Refuge.

Hale pouted, crossing her arms over the bodice of her busking outfit, and looked to the side. "I wouldn't be alone. Sumat would be with me."

Peridot was incapable of facial expression, but the air of disapproval was nearly palpable, and his silence managed to convey more than words.

Hale dropped her arms indignantly, "That's what you're worried about, isn't it? It's not that I'd be alone, it's that you wouldn't be there to protect my virtue!"

Peridot gave a half-shrug. "It does not matter the reason behind the restriction. You will not go."

"But Periiiii....." Hale whined, her voice rising above the chatter of the tavern. The warforged held up a hand, stopping her.

"Yet." He continued, "They are in town for quite some time. I'm certain you will see a performance or two in that time."

"Yay! Thank you Peri!" Hale threw her arms around the large neck and planted a kiss on the implacable face. She then scampered off, practically skipping out the door of the tavern.

In the few seconds that followed, a silent laughter seemed to hang over Peridot's head.

"Kids, huh. Crazy," remarked a man at the bar, oblivious to the fact that Haleakala was probably at least a hundred years older than he was.

Another, more inebriated man leered, "I wonder if her daddy knows she's running around in outfits like that?" Peridot stood with near silence, though his footsteps thudded loudly on the wood planks of the tavern as the warforged made his way to the bar, and the second speaker.

"Yes. Her daddy knows," he rumbled, the normally placid green of his eyes drifting towards a more dangerous orange tint. The first man noticed this and took a few steps back, but his lecherous loudmouth companion was too drunk or too thick-headed to notice.

"Really! I'd like to meet him and see how much she costs a night. I bet she gives a great sh-ERK!" The man's breath was cut off suddenly as Peridot's large hand fastened around his neck. He tried to take a wheezing breath as the warforged lifted him up off his stool with no effort. His feet dangled and kicked as Peridot held him up at arm's length, a good four feet off the tavern floor.

Peridot's eyes were a fiery red as his voice rumbled loudly through the now-still tavern. "Do not presume. -I- am her 'daddy'." He dropped the man, who was turning an odd shade of blue, and left him in a crumpled, gasping heap. Turning smoothly on his heel, he tossed a gold coin to the bartender.

"For the disturbance," he rumbled, and strode out of the tavern, leaving several patrons gaping at his back like landed fish.
I may or may not be able to work this/these character(s). Most times when I make a character that is in a supporting role, it doesn't work out too well. I have a vague idea of the whole of the story, but getting there is going to be rough. Maybe I should start using outlines.

FYI "Haleakala" is pronounced "Ha-LEE-ah-ka-lah" and "Hale" is "Ha-lee".

Characters are mine
Setting is Stormreach, (c) to Turbine and whoever holds the D&D license nowadays
© 2006 - 2021 SunGryphon
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*chuckles* I never use outlines for my stories....just flow with it.
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I just have a hard time keeping things straight. I'm one of those continuity freaks :D
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nice >w< heehee, he pwned that dude =P

I like the names you picked =3
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