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Done after a massive panic attack. I have SAD and PTSD, and this is what it's like for me. Oil pastel on paper.
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*tackle hugs* But you're alive! :D 

Yup, happiness for you is all I got.... been struggling with the occasional bout of serious depression myself lately, for no real reason that I can see. :/
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Awe that looks so distressing. I'm sad you got so upset. It is a very beautiful & raw painting though. :hug:
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Thank you :hug: And I'll have you know that I started in April with 2 chickens and now I have 4 chickens and 14 babies and I'm thinking about getting a couple of ducks. And they really help me with the stress. I love watching them :)
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Oh that's wonderful. I'd love to see pictures of them one day. :hug:

Careful with those ducks, they are messier than you could ever expect + more. I thought I was ready for it but I was sure surprised!

Go for nipple waterers, pelleted food instead of mash/crumbles & keep their tubs/water buckets outside. Should keep the future mess down for you. :heart: