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To Mikey
Your eyes, when they stare
Bruise my swollen heart
Come what may it is enthralled; think upon it from time to time
Look down on it and soon
You might have to glance above.
Grow up shall all physical things-
The body is just a shell
That men fall in love with
Fall in love with flesh and cells
Our hearts and thoughts displayed through lips- how simple
I wish to speak through a different medium
Harvest this golden wheat of knowledge
Can I be noble; hence I stay with you
Foolish pride; beautiful as skin;
Bold on the outside, yet empty within
I look at the world through dark sullen eyes
I wish to shed this image of mine
Trade it in for something you might love
Give up this broken throne, for acceptance- something more
Sweet emerald eyes drive a heart under score
:iconsungoddess667:sungoddess667 0 8
His Thoughts were as undrinkable as the sea-
I was dying of thirst,----
His soul was as clear as Burgandy
He loved me first,
Me and only me.
(Oh how I weep! But he can't see)
I drown in intoxication, just to set myself free
I was too elegant'e, prideful and vain
To hold myself back from sharing my pain
"A pity; Such a pity." I hear them complain-
I sigh and go back to my red, red wine
And shudder as his finger wraps about my spine
-drag me like luggage- For I am no longer Mine
I drown again, so lowly divine..
                  in an unfathomable sea
                   of burgandy
                   To tear at the insides of my dark cage of "FREE"
:iconsungoddess667:sungoddess667 2 9
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Sea Oats
Sea oats
I walk by the ocean
Like so many of us have
The first star is born for the millionth time
The sky a color, that has no name
The twilight and I are but the only ones
Who touch the earth this morning or night
I am alone, like I've been for so long
Waiting for sunrise- that chance to call it all my own
The sheet wrapped around me billows through the breeze
And I wonder if that same breeze has always been blowing.
I then look the opposite direction of the sea of glass
Like I've looked away from a sorrowful past
Up to the dunes
And I watch the sea oats
Wave and dance within the sky
A brand new chance for want in my eyes
I long to touch one, and I run up the hill
The fragile sand hill nature worked so hard to create,
Destroying it all in seconds for something I desired
Like a reputation I suppose,
Destroying my pride all for one second of desire.
I reach to rip one from the sand
Then I look around to make sure no ones watching.
A sign in front says
But my he
:iconsungoddess667:sungoddess667 1 13
Please Don't Leave
To You
:iconsungoddess667:sungoddess667 0 16
How do YOU define it? by sungoddess667 How do YOU define it? :iconsungoddess667:sungoddess667 3 26


To most,
Probably has no deeper meaning
Chocolaty goodness
And vague links
To long ago sports days
Unless perhaps
You were
A year 9 student
At Methodist Ladies College
Where swarthy canisters
(and still are I suppose)
Dolled out each Monday
At the 8 week
"Country experience"
For city slicker girls like me.
Each Monday
Houses of 8
Fought over who "owned"
This weeks gleaming green can.
(Along with cow defecations,
Marshy fields
And the sense it was
Unnatural to coop 72  
15 year old girl up together)
Milo became an institution.
Incidentally Milo proved to be
My very first withdrawal
From energy sustenance
And forged an over whelming need
for control
Surrounded and
By the bodies of
Dancers, riders, gymnasts
My frame seemed
Completely engorged in fat
And unworthiness
(not to mention
Hope told Lauren who told Belinda
Who told me
I resembled a potato
Round, unperfected and dirty)
While the others
(as if for the first time
in their sheltered little lives)
:iconinnocence-maintained:Innocence-Maintained 0 21
The Beggar's Dance
Oh Lord
I am a late night beggar
Crashing to her end.
The world is asleep
with magical dreams enchanting their minds.
While I sit here in self pity.
With no one but you to talk to.
Someone who doesn't even respond.
All cater my mind
I clutch my blanket
crying out - " Don't you feel my pain!
                      Can you feel it!?"
I know my hurting isn't a tragedy.
But it's something that has no antidote.
This loneliness destroys my thoughts like a tumor.
Slowly I lose all demeans of reality.
Where is my alcohol?
Where is my drugs?
Where is my knife?
Where is my sex?
What can I do to submerge this out?
What steps should I take now?
What trend can I follow?
What boy can I tangle myself up with?
Who can hear my hollers?
This love I would die for is some tale with no happily ever after.
It's like chasing a rainbow for a pot of gold.
:iconhinderedlove:hinderedlove 6 53
. absinthe . green . by karincoma . absinthe . green . :iconkarincoma:karincoma 869 158 K-holed by DaveWhitlam K-holed :icondavewhitlam:DaveWhitlam 434 114
Now its been three years
I had disapeared
been living a lie
the real me had died
But now things have been going down
some real bad shit happened
so shut the fuck up and listen
The man you all thought you knew wasn't real
so sit there and listen
because here's the deal
Leon is back
and I'm finished listening to you fools talking your smack
your all nothing more then another brick in the wall
and this time you wont make me fall
23 years old and I live again
resurected from the walls my mind had built to keep me in
Its true im a lover and not a fighter
but when push comes to shove you will be lieing on the ground listening to my laughter.
No matter how hard you try
your not bringing me back down
I was ment to fly
if you think you got what it takes I promise you will wish you had died
I still got one more thing to do
and I pity the fool
that thinks he can stop me from acheiving my dreams
I found my way back home through reality's seams.
Yeah the one named Justin done some real bad things.
:iconcelticprince:CELTICPRINCE 1 2
Untitled part 1
Now I stand alone once again,
forced to stand on the outside looking in.
Glimpses of love and peace.
things that I only experience in my dreams.
This pains me more than you know
forced to go through this life all alone.
been here before and I shall be here again,
the begining of the end.
Time slips through my hands,
like grains of sand.
I can no longer percieve where this thing shall go.
forced to watch from afar like a fly on a window.
Is it all out of my hands now?
events have lead to me being pushed away, but why?
Invisable is now what i feel.
just siting here watching from my hill.
To love and protect her is what I would have liked.
but it seems everything and everyone just wants me to take a hike.
Her feelings for and about me are still unknown.
the perfect one, so much like a goddesse siting upon her golden throne...
Now I begin to try to find answers to my questions,
whilest the cold lonely embrace of death begins to beckon.
Can I fight to make it just one more day?
If I can I t
:iconcelticprince:CELTICPRINCE 2 5
. i . bring . you . light . by karincoma . i . bring . you . light . :iconkarincoma:karincoma 605 209 Powerpuff Teens Final by teutelquessir Powerpuff Teens Final :iconteutelquessir:teutelquessir 159 75 Sisters: Solaris and Irrigo by waterchild8893 Sisters: Solaris and Irrigo :iconwaterchild8893:waterchild8893 1 9 I'll Take The Rain by gilad I'll Take The Rain :icongilad:gilad 864 227
Genisis and The End
This is how it all began,
I was once like you. So full of life.
never thought of suicide,
death seemed so far away.
I once had dreams. I had goals.
When did I become bitter?
When did I grow so cold?
When did I get so hard?
When did I start feeling so goddamned old?
This is how it all began,
My life as I knew it came to an end,
I lost all my child hood notions.
And now I'm bereft of all emotions.
Now I'm waiting for the end,
The sun don't shine as brightly for me.
My world is dark and cold
on my knees I beg for the end
But what becomes of me till then.
When did I become bitter?
When did I grow so cold?
When did I get so hard?
When did I start feeling so goddamned old?
This is how it all began,
My life as I knew it came to an end,
I lost all my child hood notions.
And now I'm bereft of all emotions.
It seems so long ago.
My eyes would light up even when it snowed.
The world held such wonder for me.
I could find only beauty in all I could see.
But then the pain began to creep into
:iconcelticprince:CELTICPRINCE 3 4
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Set me free with your love....
United States
Current Residence: In a crappy yellow shack
Favourite genre of music: Well theres not much that I dont like except... *shudders* Polka...
Favourite photographer: Irrigo, Aura, and myself. ( and no, I'm not concited.)
Favourite style of art: I like manipulated photos alot if that counts
Operating System: Ummm... *too embarrsed to say*
MP3 player of choice: mmm... Windows I think
Shell of choice: Choclate shells... with raspberry gouey stuff inside..mmmm.
Wallpaper of choice: Wall paper? Well, I really perfer paint on my wall.. It last longer... ;)
Skin of choice: I'm white if I'm answering this question right which I know I'm not.
Favourite cartoon character: Ryoko, Catdog (shutup), Stewy, Timmy Turner, Helga, and anyone cool.
Personal Quote: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return..."
Hi everyone! I'm on spring break and I finally found some time to write in my journal! yay. Anyways, now I will ramble on about some useless aspects of my life.
In my last journal, my boyfriend had cheated on me and i did feel pretty crappy about it, but its funny how things work out. I'm glad it happened. Now I'm with someone a bizillion times better. His name is Jon. Ahh, fate can be a dangerous and glorous thing.
In other news, i'm in a desperate search of money to pay for prom, an easter dress, winterguard championship hotel fees, night school and summer school. I have to take night school because i switched diplomas and I have to take a class that is only offered in night school. Plus gas is like 2 freaking dollars a gallon so it will be VERY expensive to get back n forth. I have to take stupid summer school because I  fooled around my freshman year... GOSH i regret it sooooo bad. But enough of that.
Do you remember waking up on easter morning when you were little and running into the living room to find a big colorful basket full of shiny paper, plastic and candy? Do you remember when your parents dressed you up in your sundays best and you went easter egg hunting with your childhood friends and then comming back inside the house (with your easter clothes ruined) to a big, thanksgiving-like meal? Ok, enough imagery. I love writing about my past. Mabye some of you shared the same memories. Mabye I'll hunt easter eggs with my brothers and sisters, just for the fun of it lol.
Well, of to downloading more AMVs. cya!, Oh yea and I'll be postin more stuff soon. My cats about to have kittens! :)

~*$olaris*~ :sun:


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