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The Boogeyman Cometh!

My take on the "Boogeyman" character from the 80's cartoon The Real Ghostbusters

Digitally colored Pencil sketch
(Colored in PS)
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No, not him! Not him again! I remember I couldn´t sleep for several nights when I was little! This version is much, much, much more scary than the original one! Splendid job here :) 
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Now this is more like it! 
I LOVE this guy!!!!
Ravyn-Karasu's avatar
This is my all time favorite piece of Boogeyman fanart EVAR! Boogeyman already looked badass but this made him look 100 times more badass. Now THAT'S friggin scary! LOL.

I love all of it bit I really am pleased with his legs. The structure of his legs seemed very underdone in the cartoon. there are scenes where they look like they function in an awesome way, then it just looks like they aren't part of him. I also like his teeth. I found the huge gaps and few teeth to be a bit of a put-off of the character. But this full set is far more frightening. I even like his whiskers on his chin better.

So it's awesome to see that you use the same design in general, but upgraded it. THIS is a boogeyman ^^
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((This Boogeyman was the one that scared the shiznet out of us 80's kids LOL))
This is absolutely amazing!
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Don't ask me why, but that part where he stalks toward the kids and says "That wasn't nice! Not nice at all!" has always stuck with me.
kingofthebrittans's avatar
OMG, thats awesome! I totally forgot that episode. That guy was creepy as hell. Well done!
FelineShadowdancer's avatar
Dude awesome timing! I was just beginning the second epsiode, "The Boogieman is back," and I was trying to find a picture of Boogie that Trist did!
Bitchin dude! one of my favorite episodes.
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Very impressive!
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Awesome! Also, spooky as hell.
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Please tell me you'll do a Grundel. If not, I may have to 3d that bitch
Sunglasses-afterDARK's avatar
I have to revisit that episode for reference, but yeah! I'll definitely do that one next!!
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Ha, great man.
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