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Not sure how many of you here remember the show "The Critic", but I think it was one of the better shows that was on TV. It's a shame it was canceled.
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it stunk so bad he made this face.

BlkChameleon's avatar
I can't stop laughing at it! LOL!
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Hahah i love that face!
Can someone tell me what episode this was from?
DrMusic2-1's avatar
That show was great.
Uber-Cuber's avatar
Where can I get that background?
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It wasn't background sized, but it stretches good: [link]
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can someone make it into a plz account i dont know how to
Uber-Cuber's avatar
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just bought the complete dvd episodes, oh glorious days!
vitaminanime's avatar
Hotchie Motchie! great picture!
ringo-flan's avatar
omg, i love the critic, jay sherman is hot! rotfl
Adam3's avatar
Heh, that is such an epic pic of Jay Sherman!
Pendragon9's avatar
Best show since Family Guy, if not better. (fan of both)
Space-Walk's avatar
i didnt know it was an actual show, i thought he was just a character from the simpsons
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He was on the Simpsons at one point, but yes, it was it's own show.
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Halo Zero, thats the only one I got.
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Pretty cool, what skin do you have for Windows Media Player?
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The default one. It's Windows Media Player 11.
Staticblaze's avatar
Funny. When I minimize it, mines black.
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