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Something of their own Part 2

Part 1:[link]

So, this is Part two. It's for Jin and Ysabel. If you're wondering why Jin has got two pictures, one male, one female, this is the way she (Yes, she!) cos-/crossplays. Word- JOKE, haha... -.-'

Well, as I said in part one, this has got something to do with ToraDora, a great anime I stumbled across because of the tuxteam. There, the only thing that could keep up with a tiger, is the dragon. So, here, Jin has the tiger to keep up with Miguel, who has the dragon in Part 1.

The inspiration for Jins costume was her cosplay of TTGL. I really liked the colours.

Ysabel is the cutest and most lovable of all of tuxteam. I think there are at least 50 pictures of her with the subtitle:

Her costume was inspired by a cosplay she did on Mangabullet.[link]
Here's a journal entry by Jin in which you can find some pictures.[link]

Although she is younger than the others, she is a very thoughtful and sincere person. (At least I think of her that way...)
Shes a really cute Hinata, so that's where the hair comes from. Her animal is the owl, one of my most favourite animals. It's wise, cute and has great insight. In my opinion, this is Ysabel to me.

Ysabel, if you ever read this: Stay the way you are. It's the greatest complement I can give. You're a great person just the way you are.
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I understand this is incredibly late, I am so sorry! I was just so overwhelmed when I first saw these drawings and I couldn't compose a proper reply. ^^;

This series of illustrations is one of the most touching things anyone has done for us. It amazes me how much thought was put into all the little details, and how you took inspiration from the outfits we've worn and turned them into something completely new. I'm incredibly grateful - for these beautiful drawings and for the simple fact that you appreciate who we are behind our costumes. :rose:

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You just made my day! (Like always!) I would appreciate if you'd take a look at my gallery, please? There's a picture of a series I came to like because of you!