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Something of their own Part 1

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Well, this all started about two months ago, September 2009. I just stumbled over some folks calling themselves team tuxedo and beeing the most awsome cosplayers I ever laid eyes on.
They did Naruto, Bleach, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Death Note and much more.
I thought about them and decided I wanted to draw them costumes of their own, so this here is part one.

This one is for Miguel[link] and (Ne)Jin[link]

My inspiration was Jins ancestry, she says they're Chinese.
So I thought of the Chinese Emperors animals, beein phoenix and dragon, and POW! there was the idea. I also wanted to have the boys show less, because especially poor Miguel has to show a lot of chest in at least three costumes, Sasuke from Shippuuden, Grimmjow from Bleach and TTGL (Dont know the character... -.-';). I hope I don't offend them, hoho.
If you're wondering about the outstretched hand, it's got something to do with the next picture.

Also they made me watch ToraDora, a really delighting anime I would have never crossed if it weren't for them. So the dragon made me think of the next picture, which is one for Jin and Ysabel, the final one is for Kat and China.

I'll upload it later, you can find it in my gallery then.

Jin, if you ever read this, thank you for some of the best laughs and some of the most emotional moments of my life. I enjoyed them all.

Thank you to both of you for making my days brighter with every comment and/ or picture I saw. This is for you.
(Enough of the cheese...)
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That's a great Fan Art,
I wish I could create figueres as good as you.