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How 2 make HORNS for cosplay

I made it with full of sorrow of getting vetoed
by my mom when I asked her if I can go to the falls
with Jane and Deborah .. @ 7:30..
Asian MOM!! but come and think of it..she lets my sis go ...
damn it!!!!

if you need any help, just message me or use the comment box ;;

Please support my cosplay dA :iconcosplayer-neo: x)
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AustralianHetalian's avatar
This is awesome
This is the most easiest cosplay thing I've found
I thank you good person
Excuse me while I go make Lambo's horns
SasoDeiYaoiFanGirl's avatar
:O this looks amazing! and the example ones you did look just like Karkat's horns XD
Misuto-Amami-Mayu's avatar
Yay! Thanks for this! I can make a demon cosplay now! :D
kitsunilla's avatar

Just a question though, about how light are these? I need to build a pair of horns maybe 3x bigger than these, do you think they would get heavy? Also, how durable are they?
Thanks! :iconlarryplz:
SungHyul's avatar
pretty light and pretty durable. but it's not like, feather weight.
I used a heavyweight headband ;; it wouldn't really work on a thin little headband

sorry for the late reply, I rarely go on this dA anymore lol
kitsunilla's avatar
Ooh, I'm really looking at using this method I think. Thank you! <3

And no worries, hahaha. I'm not exactly on here all the time.
lonelybluekitsune's avatar
You are awesome for this. You'll save my Elfen Lied cosplay from total disaster! Thanks soooo much!
SungHyul's avatar
welcome, I am so glad it helped x)
kenlybop's avatar
i think for having little time or money you did a lovely job with what you had on hand. kudos for you and for the tut to help others.
SungHyul's avatar
Thank you, I'm getting better at making something out of nothing ^^;
kenlybop's avatar
that's always a plus. =D
Hisoka23's avatar
Was wondering... will this method also work for Incubus Horns? (Was Blackmailed to cosplay as Ragnarok Online's Incubus...T_T)
SungHyul's avatar
Yes, it would work on most horns.. just that you'll have to shape it the way your character is ^^;
Hisoka23's avatar
hey, you're right does work on other horns. I just need to practice more on doing the papermache parts so that it looks more clean other being crumpled as well.^^

Thanks man^^
SungHyul's avatar
i'm glad it helped and worked out : ) and yes, mad skills are required to do this...
juneusui's avatar
would oleo works too for painting it?
SungHyul's avatar
hmm, if you mean oil paint,(??) I am not sure, but I guess any paint would work fine if it can paint paper mache and/or tape. : )
I never tried oil because
1) it's a bit expensive for me
2) I thought it wouldbe shiny <

if it isn't oil... can you tell me what it is? ;A; I would be glad to help you ^^
juneusui's avatar
yea, i mean oil paint
sorry, i'm not good at english >-<
SungHyul's avatar
it's ok ~ well I guess you can : ) just watch out if the horn is too shiny!! : )
KittyTaisho's avatar
I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. XD I was wondering how I'd make the horns! You're a lifesaver! :iconiloveyouplz:
SungHyul's avatar
I'm glad it helps you ;A; /
I would be looking forward of how it will look :'D

(and it would really suck if it looks better than mine)
KittyTaisho's avatar
I'm going to begin making them over the weekend (have to re-get some newspaper. =A= ) I'll be posting up a WIP pic of my TYL!Lambo soon after I make the horns. 8D

(too bad my shirt has too MANY spots) :iconorzplz:
SungHyul's avatar
it's ok mine has none.. it only has where the shirt is visible while wearing a jacket xD
KittyTaisho's avatar
Ah. XD Well, the horns are nearly done. I painted/made them today.. I just hope I did right with using paint like the kind they use for walls.. *couldn't find any other kind* :iconorzplz: LOL Yours look better though. XD I had only two pages of newspaper to use. I had to cut them in half to get eight semi-pages and worked with what I had. *epicly fails* :iconotlplz:
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