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  • Eating: pills and vodka
  • Drinking: pills and vodka

We are all the same, yet we are so different.

Life through tears isn’t a bearing to joy, nor a road to death.

My breath becomes dry.

Strife is what we make of it, but not to interpretation.

Depression is a sadness we don’t understand, yet you think you do.

The world passes me by but you feel alive.

Crying is pushed below the surface, yet you think it’s weak.

“Tonight I swear.”

I want to be happy, so do you.

Yet I’m sad, but so are you.

You’re often right and I’m often wrong.

Things change for me yet are stagnant for you.

“Tonight I swear.”

I bleed blue and cry red. Blood dripping from my thighs and madness inside. This is the end of my life.

“This is it.”

You think I’m just weak and soft. You think you’ll see me tomorrow.

This time I’m right, and you will be wrong.

You are now below me, and I’m on top.

“It wasn’t even painful”

Suicide is the cure to all problems.

Death is the cause to all problems.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

I scream “Help me!” with smiles and laughter.

Like a creek I stream, covering my hideousness.

I hide me with not me.

“You still never listened.”

All the pain I was in, yet you remained broken.

I listened and I understood.

We were equal. You were me and I was you.

“It’s finally over.”

My last breath was bliss, yet yours will begin to dry.

My days are cold and dark, but happy and bright, yet, yours are now passing you by.


What do we do when we've made a mistake,
And it's too late to fix it?

A mistake can take a lifetime to get over,
We've all done it, all made one, for good or bad,
A true mistake doesn't just take minutes for realization,
A true mistake takes months, or years to kick in,
Those times are always hard to overcome,
Mistakes make us who we are and what we do,
Love, hate, friendship, lust, greed and jealousy,
You have run out of chances,
You have run out of Ctrl + Z's,
You have run out of time or respect,

A mistake has been on my mind for four months,
A mistake I wish I didn't make, one that hurts,
A mistake at the time seemed like a good idea,
A mistake I can no longer justify or take back,
A mistake that was already a mistake, blinded by love,
Some of you know who or what I'm talking about,
some of you may not...but that's okay, because you,
Like the rest of us all, have most likely had the same experience
or will experience it.

There will be those people who remind you of a mistake,
There will be those who make you have errors,
Those who are flawed themselves are full of mistakes,
I made a mistake and I was reminded for it,
I looked through my personal belongings and realized it,
I looked through my photos and realized it,
I made a mistake and I can't turn back,
I was pushed to make a mistake,
I was pushed to the wrong direction, towards a mistake,
There will be those who won't let you forget your mistakes,
There will be those who make you forget your mistakes,

But with time brings torment and unjust,
But with time brings joy and bliss,
But with time we move on,
But with time, we remember,
But with time, we learn,
And with time, we realize a mistake was probably for the best,
But a mistake we wish we didn't make.

You don't know what you have until it's gone. We all learn the hard way.

~SunflowerTwix 2014