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Preppy style by Sunflorii Preppy style :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 32 0 C: Nuxaz 3 by Sunflorii C: Nuxaz 3 :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 127 5 C: Nuxaz 2 by Sunflorii C: Nuxaz 2 :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 72 0 C: Nuxaz 1 by Sunflorii C: Nuxaz 1 :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 92 3 C: xEleyia by Sunflorii C: xEleyia :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 104 2 C: egging by Sunflorii C: egging :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 89 6 C: condolcezza by Sunflorii C: condolcezza :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 53 7 C: charmseii by Sunflorii C: charmseii :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 112 6 G: pixelpoe by Sunflorii G: pixelpoe :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 55 4 S-kasumi by Sunflorii S-kasumi :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 54 0 Ghouliboo by Sunflorii Ghouliboo :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 64 7 The one who's always drinking tea by Sunflorii The one who's always drinking tea :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 51 14 Clear Skies by Sunflorii Clear Skies :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 63 0 Sophie's Potion [VIDEO] by Sunflorii Sophie's Potion [VIDEO] :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 66 2 Treat [VIDEO] by Sunflorii Treat [VIDEO] :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 59 3 Winter [VIDEO] by Sunflorii Winter [VIDEO] :iconsunflorii:Sunflorii 57 0
Edit: A lot of links are for Toyhouse galleries - PLEASE make sure your character is set to public so I can see them. At least 4 people have posted ones that are private.

Edit2: Yes new watchers are welcome to join!

Hi guys! I'm not sure how many of you guys are still active haha but as a fun event, here's an impromptu giveaway while I try to get better on the iPad.

All you have to do is comment with a link to your character and if you prefer digital or traditional media (I started getting into watercolor, pencils, ink etc LOL it's been fun!). The only requirement is you must be comfortable with me posting these here or on my instagram (, with a watermark if preferred! You can also send me a message on instagram instead.

No notes here please; reserved for commission contacting. (Commissions have been closed for a while but I'm planning to reopen them in 2 or 3 weeks)

Not sure how many winners, but there will be at least two, one digital and one traditional! Feel free to tag friends who might be interested.

SIGNAL BOOST! For you Elnin momma and papas, my friend sharkstruck is taking ADORABLE Elnin commissions!

Current Social Links:
Opening up a few commissions before my trip! Claim slot in comments below :)


First come first serve | 5 slots | Max 3 pieces per slot | 1 slot per person per batch

Make sure to turn on your mentions if you're trying for slots and check back often!

  • When do these open:
    There will be a journal update when slots open.
  • How do I claim a slot?
    Claim your slot in the comments as a reply to my featured OPEN comment WHEN SLOTS OPEN. Claims are first come first serve. Regular replies (to the journal) will not count - only reply to the featured comment. Once you've gotten the slot, send your form to me through notes. Once I reply to your form, you have 3 business days to send payment.
  • How many can I order?:
    You may order up to 3 individual pieces per opening (slot) until the journal says commissions are closed. This means if you want one initially, but after slots close want to order two more, it is not permitted. You can only change your order quantity when slots are open.
  • Character substitutions?:
    You may request a character substitution as long as I have not started your commission. Please ask first, then send me the entire re-filled form if I agree. I replace your old order with this form so make sure the form is complete and updated.
  • Payment:
    I take Paypal Only (USD). Use this link ( Commissions must be paid in full before I start. Payment and refs must be sent within 3 days of acceptance (i.e. slot claim and approval of your form). Use your DA username as a message on the transaction.


  • Will not draw: R-18, anthro, from RL photo/description, full armour, some weapons. I make exceptions though, feel free to ask! Keep in mind I won't completely redesign an outfit.
  • Will draw: humans (please take a look at my gallery to get an idea of what I can or am good at drawing); Girls preferred!
  • Personal use only.
  • Do not use commissioned art unless you are the owner or were granted permission by the owner.
  • I reserve the right to the images, including uploading to art portfolios and to use as samples. All commissions will be uploaded to DA unless other arrangements are made.


Prices are in USD. Includes paypal fees.
Highly detailed characters may be extra.

Animated Blinking Chibis - $30 USD
Sterling: Gift of Magic! by Sunflorii C: Oyasumi-Anko 2 by Sunflorii C: Oyasumi-Anko 1 by Sunflorii

More examples: Commissions Gallery

Extra Information
Fully shaded, unique and individual pose for every piece!
Resolution uploaded on DA is actual-size.

Couples = Not available atm.
I charge a bit extra for the interactions and offsetting the blinking.
A couple piece counts as one character in the 3 character max/slot and is indicated by square brackets.

Details = +$5-10
These include intricate patterns in clothing, layers of ruffles, big wings, lace details, multiple leaves/flowers/vines, long/wavy hair, etc.
Generally, I will charge $5 unless it includes 3 or more elements of the above (which considerably adds to the amount of time I spend on a commission; sometimes doubling the work time).

Props or Animals
Unless its super simple like a ball/apple/cube etc, it is extra.
General guidelines:
  • Small animals/plushies, purses/backpacks = +$3
  • Weapons, instruments and animals/companions more than half the character's height = +$4-10

I reserve the right to decline drawing prop/animal add-ons if they're too detailed or time consuming



----- fill the following out for each character
♦ STYLE: ( Single / couple )
♦ REFERENCE: ( Up to three, or link to gallery - one fullbody required; if providing refs with inaccuracies, please tell me ahead of time )
♦ HAIR and EYE COLOUR: ( Because it's hard to tell sometimes )
♦ ADDITIONAL INFO: ( Expression/temperament; focus on visual descriptors. Feel free to include stuff other artists tend to forget to draw! )
♦ CHARACTER OWNER: ( If you're ordering for a friend, etc. For credit purposes when I upload )
♦ SUBTOTAL: ( Base price + details + props if applicable )

---- fill out the following and put it at the very bottom of your order
♦ TOTAL: ( Total of all your characters in the order )
♦ PAYPAL: ( Your paypal email. If you forget to include your DA username as the msg, this will help me verify your payment. )

Please send to ( Include your DA username as your message.


If ref + payments are not sent within 3 business days of approval, you will automatically forfeit your slot and it may be reopen for claims. Let me know if you require more time for any reason. Feel free to share a slot with friends as long as no extra money is exchanged.


:star-empty: = not started or sketching
:star-half: = lining or CGing
:star: = completed
:bulletgreen: = paid


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