RWBY: Grimm Darkness: Chapter 1

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Published: August 22, 2014


[Music: Bomberman 64: The Second Attack: Rukifelth's Theme]

We see the inside of a dark chamber where a trio of people, two male, one female, are standing in front of a man sitting in a chair. The central man is enshrouded in shadows, preventing us from seeing his face. The woman in the middle walks a couple steps forward in order to speak to the man. She is shown to have long teal hair, matching eyes, and wears an outfit consisting of a sleeveless dark-blue coat over a light-blue color midriff top and skirt-like shorts of a matching color going down to her knees. She is also wearing long dark-blue gloves and boots.

Woman: Master, the Dust shipments are on schedule. With Roman Torchwick out of the way, there shouldn't be any more problems.

Mysterious Man: Good. Since the White Fang have been dealt with, everything can finally go as planned.

The man to the left of the woman decides to step forward in order to speak. He is revealed to have spiky magenta-color hair, orange eyes, and wears a black-and-yellow bodysuit.

First Man: Master, the attacks of Dust cargo by the White Fang has set our plan back, but we should have no more delay.

Mysterious Man: Those wretched Faunus may no longer be of any of my concern, but there's still the matter of what else is needed before things can proceed.

The second man steps forward, revealing himself to have smooth aqua-color hair, violet-color eyes, and wears a large indigo-color coat in addition to chrome gauntlets and purple-color boots.

Second Man: The Dust is being sent to its destination, Master. What else is required?

Mysterious Man: Something that I already know where. However, we need to wait before she shows up. It shouldn't be too long.

[Rukifelth's Theme ends]

As we fade out, we cut to the 2nd opening for RWBY, although with some changes to reflect this story.

[Music: RWBY: Time to Say Goodbye (Opening Version)]

0:04 – 0:24

This part of the opening contains the same scenes as before.

0:24 – 0:32

The scenes here depict Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long, each posing with their respective weapons. Next, we see Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, and Lie Ren followed by Velvet Scarletina and her team, then Sun Wukong and his group, followed by Ozpin, Glynda Goodwitch, and Ruby's uncle Qrow before seeing Nived Harem and his team and finally Princess Aurina.

0:32 – 0:35

We see a large group of people wearing suits that resemble black-color knight armor, including helmets with visors that prevent us from seeing their eyes. Behind them happen to be the three people from before as well as a female scientist wearing glasses, followed by a close-up of the mysterious man from before in front of an obscure symbol and a glimpse of a mysterious girl in a cloak.

0:35 – 0:37

We see a number of Grimm that resemble various Pokémon. The ones depicted here resemble Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Skarmory, Manectric, Garchomp, Haxorus, and Malamar.

0:37 – 0:45

This part of the opening contains the same scenes as before.

0:45 – 0:49

We see a silhouette of something resembling Giratina in its Origin form burst out of the ground while an image of the mysterious man appears behind it amidst a backdrop of wavy flames.

0:49 – 0:53

We see Ruby slash with Crescent Rose, Weiss send a wave of ice forward with Myrtenaster, Blake firing Gambol Shroud outward, and finally Yang punching with Ember Celica.

0:53 – 0:56

We see Princess Aurina looking forward with her hands clasped and her eyes closed as she faces outward at what's to come, her hair gently blowing in the wind.

0:56 – 1:00

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang stand in the center while Team JNPR, Team CFVY, Ozpin, and Glynda appear on the left and Team NAMA, Team SSSN, Penny, James Ironwood, Qrow, and Aurina appear on the right. The screen flashes and we see Team RWBY as silhouettes as the name "RWBY GRIMM DARKNESS" appears above them before the scene fades out.

[Time to Say Goodbye ends]

Chapter 1: A "Normal" Day

We go to inside the recreational chamber at Beacon Academy as Ruby and Yang are sitting down at a table and playing a card game. The game in question is called the Grimm Battle Trading Card Game (it's based off of the Pokémon TCG and the cards present here are meant to be based off of actual Pokémon cards).

[Music: Pokémon X and Y: Trainer Battle]

Ruby: All right, Yang! Prepare to feel the wrath of Fushisaur! With its Energy Trans Grimm Power, I can move whatever Grass Dust I need onto it and (Making an epic pose) hit your Skullkraken with Solarbeam for 60 damage! Skullkraken is knocked out! (Ruby draws a Prize card)

Ruby takes Yang's Skullkraken and all cards attached to it and puts them in Yang's discard pile.

Yang: So you think you've won, dear sister, BUT you've activated my trap card! (Shows Ruby a Bursyiken EX card)

Ruby: (Gasps) No, not that! Not Bursyiken EX!!

Yang: And now after drawing my card for the turn, I put Bursyiken EX onto my Wakashiken (Puts Bursyiken EX onto it in an epic fashion) and move it to the Active Grimm position!

Ruby starts to become nervous knowing what Yang is going to do next.

Yang: And since I already have the Dust I need for it, (Makes an epic pose) I discard two Fire Dust attached to Bursyiken EX and use Volcanic Ash to hit Fushisaur for 100 damage! Looks like Fushisaur is knocked out! (Yang draws a Prize card)

Ruby: No, you couldn't have. (Yelling upward) NOT FUSHISAUR!! (Has an angry look on her face) I didn't want to do this, (Draws a card) but you've left me no choice. (Revealing a Slowkek card in her hand) I PUT SLOWKEK ONTO SLOWADON!!

Ruby puts Slowkek onto Slowadon in an epic fashion while she moves Fliagon into the Active Grimm position.

Yang: (Shocked) Slowkek?! Ruby, are you crazy?! That card's banned in official tournaments!!

Ruby: Well this isn't an official tournament, sister! With Slowkek's Mind Games Grimm Power, just try to play a Huntsmen card! I dare you!

Yang: Fine then! Have it your way!

Ruby: Now I use Fliagon's Sand Pit to (Makes an epic pose) trap your Bursyiken EX AND do 80 damage!

Yang: (Draws a card) Well, I still have my (Reveals card) Super Dust Retrieval card! Now all I have to do is flip a coin to see if I get past your Mind Games!

Yang flips a coin and it lands on heads, allowing her to use the card.

Yang: Now I can take those two Fire Dust I discarded earlier and put them back on Bursyiken EX! (Looks at Ruby) I use Volcanic Ash and target Slowkek for 100 damage after discarding two Fire Dust, knocking it out, and since I have only one Prize card left (draws her last Prize card) I… WIN!!

Ruby: (Yelling upward) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

[Trainer Battle ends abruptly]

Weiss appears next to Ruby and Yang and sees what they're doing.

Weiss: Just what is it you two are playing?

Ruby: The Grimm Battle TCG. You wouldn't understand.

Weiss: (A little angrily) Wouldn't understand?

Yang: Yeah. There's a bunch of rules to the game that you need to follow.

Weiss: Oh, really? (Sits down next to them) Just try me.

Ruby: Well, let's explain the rules first.

We fast forward several minutes to after Ruby's explained the rules.

Weiss: That's everything?

Ruby: Yep. Now let's play some Grimm Battle!

We cut to a while later where Weiss has managed to beat Ruby at the game by knocking out all her Grimm.

Ruby: (Shocked) What? How could you? This is your first time playing!

Weiss: What can I say? I’m a fast learner.

Ruby: I can't believe you managed to get Charidon.

Blake comes by reading a book and wonders what the others are playing.

Blake: What are you three up to?

Yang: Playing Grimm Battle TCG. Want to join?

Blake: No thanks. Not interested.

Weiss: Yeah. Don't we have to get to class soon? I think I've had my fill of this game for today.

Ruby: (Angrily) No, Weiss! I demand a rematch! You got lucky! I will have my revenge!

Weiss, Blake, and Yang start to walk out of the room while Ruby lags behind.

Ruby: Get back here, Weiss! You're not walking out on this! I have a score to settle with you!

[Music: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Groose's Theme]

We cut to Peter Port's classroom, where Team RWBY, all in their school uniforms, are sitting down listening to a lecture from Peter himself. Also seated in the room is Team JNPR and several other students. (Note: In this scene, every time we're focusing on other characters, Peter is going "Blah, blah, blah…".)

Peter: …the Garchias is a powerful Grimm that can tear its prey with its sharp claws. It can also fold its fins…

Blake: (With a bored look on her face.) More of this? This is the third day he's been talking about this Grimm.

Yang: I'm surprised this hasn't lasted longer. Remember when he talked about the Dodenga?

Ruby: Oh, and the fact that it dislikes smoke? And that the best way to defeat it is to feed it bombs?

Yang: Wow, Ruby, and I thought you didn't listen to his lectures.

Ruby: I listen every now and then. Might help us out if we ever come across one.

Peter: (Pointing to a picture of a Garchias, which resembles Garchomp from Pokémon) …now Garchias is a Draco and Earth Grimm and as a result is severely weak to ice. It's best…

Weiss: (To Ruby) You actually listen?

Ruby: Yeah, Weiss, I do. I never thought there was so much to Grimm, elemental types, weaknesses, the best way to take one down.

Yang: Great, sis! It's nice you're learning more about Grimm.

Peter: …legend has it that a Garchias can even attain a more powerful form, something known as an Ultra form. In its Ultra…

Weiss: Well, knowing these things can mean life or death if you actually came across one. I'm glad to hear you're doing stuff other than drawing pictures of our teachers.

Blake: (Still bored) I just hope class finishes soon.

Weiss: In due time, Blake. In due time.

Peter continues on with his lecture as we go to later outside Beacon.

[Groose's Theme ends]

[Music: Sonic Unleashed: Apotos Day]

Outside of Beacon, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are taking a walk on campus, passing by several other students on the way. Weiss is looking at a slip of paper someone gave her.

Ruby: (Looking at the paper) Weiss, what's that?

Weiss: (Looking at the paper) Flash Ketchum is trying to ask me out again. Doesn't he know I'm not interested?

Blake: Weiss, didn't Speed Hedgehog and Gale Strife also ask you out?

Yang: Gale Strife? (Excited) I think he's amazing! (Goes up to Weiss) Weiss, if Gale asks you out again, tell him you're not interested, but point him in the direction of me.

Weiss: (Emotionless) Yeah, Yang. I'll do that.

Ruby: (To Yang) I think she means no, sis.

Yang: Ruby, I understand sarcasm when I hear it. Maybe I'll ask Gale myself.

Ruby: (To the others) So what do you want to do today? We could go to the city, go shopping, check out…

Weiss: You know what? Going to the city sounds like a good idea.

Yang: Yeah! I feel like we need a break after that lecture.

[Apotos Day ends]

We go to Team RWBY, back in their normal outfits, taking a walk through the city. They come across the local Dust store From Dust Till Dawn, although there's something amiss with it, given the owner is outside.

[Music: Mega Man X8: Deepening Mystery]

Ruby: (Going up to the owner) Hey, what's wrong?

Owner: It's my Dust supplies.

Blake: Wait, didn't we stop Roman? Why would there be more Dust thefts?

Owner: It's not that my Dust is being stolen, it's that they're not being replenished when they should be.

Weiss: What? This can't be! The Schnee Dust Company does its best to supply any shop that sells Dust with their necessary stock.

Owner: It's not just me that's having such a problem. Every other Dust shop is also out.

Ruby: Have you tried talking to the police?

Owner: They're looking into the matter right now, but they haven't come up with anything.

Weiss: (To the owner) I'm the heiress to the Schnee Dust Company. There's no reason why Dust shipments shouldn't be coming. It doesn't make sense.

Blake: (To Weiss) Weiss, do you think there's something going on with the Schnee Dust Company?

Weiss: I don't know. Maybe we should check the harbor out.

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang head to the city's harbor to see what could be up with the Dust shipments. However, there are no crates of Dust in sight. They decide to ask a dockworker what could be up with Dust being brought in from the Schnee Dust Company.

Dockworker: I don't know what's going on. The ships usually arrive at about 4:00, but for the past couple weeks, they haven't been coming.

Weiss: (Shocked) What?! This is outrageous! The Schnee Dust Company does its best to supply any shop that…

Ruby: Weiss, no need to repeat yourself.

Weiss: Sorry. (To the dockworker) Have you tried making a call to the Schnee Dust Company?

Dockworker: Why yes, several times in fact, but every time I call, they keep saying that they're too busy to take my call and always put me on hold.

Yang: Look, you don't have to worry. We'll look into what's going on.

Ruby: Yeah! You can count on us, Team RWBY! We'll figure out what's wrong with your Dust shipments, or my name isn't Ruby Rose!

Weiss: Well Ruby, if we don't succeed, (Joking) what would you like your name to be?

Ruby: Weiss, now's not the time.

Blake: I don't know if we have much time today to look into this. We need to get back to Beacon.

Weiss: Right. Tomorrow, I'll make a call to Schnee Dust Company World Headquarters. They can't be too busy to ignore me.

[Deepening Mystery ends]

We cut to nighttime back at Beacon, where Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are all clad in their bed clothes. Ruby gets out a green-and-yellow plush doll that resembles a sunflower, but has bunny ears, feet with two toes, leaf-like arms, and a wire-like tail ending with a green ball. The doll's face is a cute one with closed eyes and a big smile.

Weiss: Ruby, what's that?

Ruby: Oh this? (Looks at her doll) Her name is Sunny. (Makes a happy closed-eye expression) She's my best friend.

Weiss: Really, Ruby. You brought that with you?

Yang: I can't believe you still have Sunny, sis.

Weiss: Aren't you a little old to be having something like that?

Ruby: No! You're never too old to have the things that you like, no matter what.

Blake: (Reading a book, monotone) Good one, Ruby.

Yang: She's got you there, Weiss.

Weiss: Fine. I won't get in the way of you and Sunny.

Ruby: (Holds Sunny in front of Weiss) Then can you give her a goodnight hug?

Weiss: (A little angrily) What?

Yang: Come on, Weiss, give her a hug!

Weiss: No.

Ruby: Please?

Weiss: No.

Ruby: Pretty please?

Weiss: No.

Ruby: Pretty, pretty please?

Weiss: Ruby, how long do you plan to keep this up?

Ruby is suddenly holding a cup of coffee in her right hand, indicating that she could be at this all night.

Weiss: (Reluctantly) Fine, then.

Weiss takes Sunny and gives the plush a hug for a couple seconds before giving her back to Ruby.

Weiss: Satisfied?

Ruby: Yes I am. Thank you, Weiss.

Weiss: Now can we go to bed?

Team RWBY decides to get into bed and get some sleep. After we see Weiss lie down in her bed…

Ruby: (Holding Sunny in front of Weiss) Can Sunny sleep with you tonight?

Weiss: Oh, for frak's sake!!

[Music: Bomberman 64: The Second Attack: Rukifelth's Theme]

We go back to the dark chamber from the prologue where the mysterious man from before is watching a large video screen depicting a map of the kingdom of Vale. With him are his three lieutenants from earlier, who have some information to give him.

Mysterious Man: Virgo (first man), Gemini (woman), Leo (second man). What kind of news have you come to give me?

Virgo: Master, people are starting to get suspicious about Dust shipments not arriving.

Gemini: Shops are wanting to know what is going on with the Dust that they're requesting.

Leo: Someone might start to come onto what we're doing.

Mysterious Man: So we're drawing too much attention, you say?

Gemini: Perhaps it's best we do something to divert attention from our goals.

Mysterious Man: You're right. Maybe an increase in Grimm attacks could be sufficient, and then we can focus on what we need. And for those who suspect what we're doing, I suggest you three go out and silence them. I won't let anyone get in the way of what I desire. You three are dismissed for now.

Leo: As you wish, Master.

Mysterious Man: Oh, and Dark Trinity? Please don't fail me.

[Rukifelth's Theme ends]

[Music: Mouretsu Pirates: Lost Child (TV Version) (0:57 Onward)]

We see a backdrop of Team RWBY posing with their weapons, serving as the credits-like end to the chapter.

[Lost Child ends]
© 2014 - 2020 Sunflorazumarill
If any of you remember me doing an outline for a RWBY fanfic a month ago, I've decided that I want to try and actually make a full-fledged fanfic for it. Note that this is what I would call a "gaiden story", meaning that it has no definite point where it takes place in the RWBY timeline, meaning when it would occur depends on the series itself. It would take place in between Volumes and at least after Volume 2.

Note that the story is in script format, since I'm more comfortable writing stuff in that way. I've also decided to structure each chapter as if were an episode of RWBY, giving them openings and endings (I won't describe the opening each time, unless there's new stuff added to it). There's also going to be some original characters in this fic (Nived Harem and Princess Aurina are both such ones). You can read the outline if you want a basic idea of how the story progresses, but be warned as it CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS.

When it comes to the fan-made Grimm in this story, a number of them resemble various Pokémon, but I also plan on having Grimm based off of enemies from Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, and maybe even Metroid. On another topic, I want to see if anyone can guess what the Grimm seen in the "Grimm Battle TCG" are based off of, even though it's quite obvious for some. Oh, and there will be multiple Shout-Outs in this story.

Also, like one of my earlier fics, I've decided to add in music tracks to add to the feel of some of the scenes in the story. Here's the themes used in the prologue and this chapter:

Rukifelth's Theme www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRfTBo…
Time to Say Goodbye www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpAfCx…
Groose's Theme www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xD1FA…
X & Y Trainer Battle www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUHEH4…
Apotos Day www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko6gQv…
Deepening Mystery www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nm21h…
Lost Child www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2-cfC… *
* This is best I could find on Youtube and will have to do. This is not the version used in the story.

Chapter 2: sunflorazumarill.deviantart.co…

RWBY is copyright to Monty Oum and RoosterTeeth. Neither the series or its characters are mine in any way.
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TraceMemHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice start. I like your music choices and how you try to keep it formatted like the show.
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dude cinder already order torchwick to stop stealing dust (And no mention of Torchwick stealing atlas weapon that the schee corp made for the army?). two there is no mention winter schnee (Aka weiss sister) though i'm willing to let that slide since we don't know if winter younger or older sibling. other than that its... soso

btw have you watch rwby PSA (SHowing us what dusk can do?) 
Sunflorazumarill's avatar
Sorry. While I've watched every episode of the series so far, I haven't watched the World of Remnant thing, so I wasn't aware of Winter Schnee until just now (unless she was brought up earlier and I forgot about her). I only watched Episode 4 of Volume 2 yesterday (I've been waiting until RoosterTeeth uploads each episode on Youtube).

Also, this story takes place after Roman and Cinder have been defeated. The "Atlas weapon" (it's called the Elysian Paladin if I remember) will show up later in the story. The reason I didn't include that part was because I uploaded this chapter before watching Episode 4 Volume 2. I'll also incorporate Weiss's sister into the story later on. I'm planning the story out as I go along.

Thanks for the info, though. I'm trying my best to make this fic go with RWBY. If needed, I can always go and fix things up.
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actually both humanoid and mecha are called Atlesian knight (robot) and atlesian paladin (Mecha.) but yeah i can understand that.