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I got the idea for this on account of Sangome and Timber having an image war in the comments for one of Timber's posts. Sangome posted one with turrets, from the game Portal, sitting on top of a characters head. After seeing that, Allamorph, who oddly likes those creepy things... joked about snatching Sangome!Turret in chat. Thus the idea for this fan art was born and I had to draw it. XD

>_> Don't look at me like that, you guys keep giving me ideas! I swear! *cough* ANYWAY, that means this is a fan art of our resident Basement Cat aka Allamorph, with Sangome as a Turret, riding on his back.

Took me about an hour and a half to draw it in photoshop with a mouse and then color it. I used a reference for both, just one of the turrets from the game and one of a regular cat that I found on the net.

Also posted at my theOtaku account here: [link]
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