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+ The Elric Family +

Little Ed, little Al and Trisha Elric from Full Metal Alchemist...! The picture from the opening... Aren't they cute?? :love:

This one took me a lot of time to get done... first there was a colored version, but it... sucked so bad I couldn't bring myself to finish it :X and then I just decided it looked a lot better in old, pencil black&white. I actually like it a lot. :D

Done with mechanical pencil 0.5 + a little, just a little, charcoal.

Hope you like it too. :blushes:

MARCH 14th 2006: I've edited this with a re-vamped version. Since the changes aren't that big, I decided it wouldn't be necessary to upload it all over again. So if you notice changes..... this is why. ^^

DEC.28.06: Image enhanced... yet again. xD
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Two little boys and their mommy.Love :D (Big Grin) 
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Its adorable!!! Great job!
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I love FMA and this drawing!
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Asdfjkl AAAHHHHHHHH ITS SO CUUUTTEEE even if it was from ten years ago...
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Ahh, m'gosh, THE FEELS
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Feels.... Good work it's amazing
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Superb job! They are soo cute! I adore this pic!
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perfect. i looovveeee those elric brothers
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She truly did love her boys. And I know for certain they miss her just as much as she would miss them.
Plus I agree a black and white picture is a lot better than a colored one because even though they're in the early 20th Century, technology like colored photographs, Automatic M14 Rifles and a few other things shouldn't be there in that time-frame to begin with.
One last thing, call it crazy, but Trisha Elric sorta looks like Delia Ketchum, Ash's mother.
This is so cute!
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This one damn near put me in tears. (For my own reason) Absolutely beautiful.
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Only natural that cute kids come from a cute mom.
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yes! finally the picture ive been looking for! al is just so fuddruccing cute!!!!!!1
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can I use this for the book cover thingy on my fanfiction?
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