The New Life (Anthro Buneary TF TG AR)

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Shawn was a pretty confident Pokemon Trainer. He just came off of a big tournament win and was riding high. Like many that came before him, and like many that will proceed him, he wanted to become the best Pokemon Master in the world. While his many wins dominated the headlines, there was an unfortunate truth hiding behind it. Shawn was not the best when it came to treating his Pokemon well.

In tournaments, he would tone it down in front of the massive public viewership, but during one on one battles, he would often overwork his precious Pokemon to exhaustion in order to win, and when he lost against an opponent, he would verbally humiliate them in front of his opponent. Some rival trainers were shocked at this sight, even some of the more shady trainers Shawn faced thought he was going too far with his poor treatment of his Pokemon. This wasn’t out of malice though, Shawn was just an unfortunate blend of competitor and sore loser. When his Pokemon did do well, he does treat them like a Pokemon Trainer should; with care, love and respect. It is truly unfortunate that Shawn does not act like that all the time with his Pokemon.

The Pokemon Shawn had were starting to be fed up with him. But they weren’t sure of the best way to get even with him. They obviously weren’t going to directly attack him. That might end up causing even worse problems for them. If they disobeyed his commands, it would just make Shawn even angrier. There was one idea they came up with that would be the least problematic: have Shawn let them all go. Now, there’s no way he’d give up his prized Pokemon that easily, but they heard of a special place in the Sinnoh region that they could go to.

They heard of a genie that could grant any wish the person asks hidden in a Sinnoh region dungeon. It was only for the strongest of individuals who would be able to grant their wish. Shawn did not know about this dungeon as he was focusing on the battles, but that was about to change.

“Hello stranger,” someone calls out to Shawn.

“Whoa dude! Creep up much?” Shawn says a bit surprised. “What do you want? Are you looking to battle or something?” he says getting in a battle stance.

“Not at all, but you seem like the type of person who is up for a little adventure. Are you up for it?” he says.

“Hmmm...well, what exactly is it I would be looking for and what would be the benefit for me if I were to go on this adventure?” Shawn asks skeptically.

“Well, there is a little place in a cave where a Lopunny genie lays in a lamp. Only those worthy are able to get her to come out of the lamp. Getting there isn’t hard, but very few are able to have their wishes granted. What would you want to wish for Shawn?” he asks.

“Hmmm...well, wait, how did you know my name is Shawn? We’ve never met,” Shawn says.

“Well, I’ve heard about your tournament wins. It would be more weird if you knew who I was,” he says responding to Shawn.

“Oh, well…” Shawn says with a little smirk hearing his fame travels around. “In that case, I can’t say no can I!” he says. “Where is this place?”

The stranger pointed him to a forestry area, “Just keep walking that way, and you can’t miss the cave and by the way, it’s best you have your Pokemon out. You never know what you might face.” he says.

Shawn nods as he takes his Pokemon out of their balls. He had a Squirtle, Bayleef, Misdravus and a Blaziken and they were all behind him as he made his way to the cave the stranger pointed out earlier.

The Pokemon hoped that they could get their wishes granted as well. This was their chance to be free and to be happy. At least they didn’t have to worry about fighting other Pokemon. Who knows what hell they might go through if they lost a battle that would cause Shawn to be unable to make the wish for the genie?

But now, the time has come. They arrived at the cave which the stranger talked about. In the entrance of the cave, there was an inscription.

Wishes come true to those who are worthy.

Any dream can be made for thee.

Happiness is what thy genie shall bring.

Thy wish can be almost anything.

Underneath was a list of things the genie cannot do:

Kill someone

Cause permanent injury/disability

Force someone to fall in love


More Wishes

Shawn didn’t want any of that. He was competitive, but he never would go for any cheap moves that could cause serious harm to anyone, not even his pokemon. For despite all the verbal abuse he laid into them, he never once physically hurt his Pokemon. He also didn’t really want to have a girlfriend right now. He was in his prime fighting days and wasn’t up to settle down for a long while.

Now, the moment of truth as Shawn steps up to the lamp. His heart was beating fast, he wasn’t even battling and yet this was the most nervous Shawn felt in his life. The Pokemon were also nervous. They hadn’t been in the presence of another powerful Pokemon being like this genie before. “It’s gonna be okay…” Shawn says trying to calm everyone down as he reaches out and walks up to the lamp. With a deep breath, he gently rubs the lamp.

He felt a rumble as he placed the lamp back on the pedestal. Heaven forbid he drop it and it somehow broke. He could never show his face anywhere again. Shawn and his Pokemon stepped back as the lamp began to glow as smoke came out of the lamp’s spout. The smoke started to materialize. Shawn was about to see the genie and get his wish granted. The Pokemon though, also wanted a wish of their own. Whose wish was more powerful?

After a few minutes, they saw the genie. It was a Lopunny. Although not the rarest of pokemon, Shawn could not feel but humbled and impressed by her power, and felt honored that he was worthy of getting his wish granted.

“Greetings traveler.” the genie said using telekinesis. “You have been deemed worthy of a singular wish. Make it a wise wish, for it is your only one. For once it has been made, it cannot be undone.”

“Yes, madam genie.” Shawn says as he thought about what his wish would be. He remembered the rules from the inscription earlier, that wasn’t the issue. Maybe he could be the very best trainer ever? Seems logical except for one thing. If he wished that, it would come true. But all of his future accomplishments would never feel genuine to him. It would all be rigged for him and would always be shallow victories.

Perhaps he could wish his parents would treat him better and love him? It’s not like it’s a romance so that technically wouldn’t break the rules. He would feel more happy about himself and about his Pokemon. Unfortunately, he figured it would be too risky in case he wished for it, ended up breaking a rule, and lost his wish. So as much as he wanted this wish, he couldn’t do it.

“Well, have you decided?” the genie asks Shawn.

“Oh...uh…” Shawn was still unsure, but maybe if he was more general, everything would fall into place. “I just, I just want to have a happier life.” he wishes.

“Squirtle! Bayleef! Misdreavus! Blaziken!” the Pokemon supposedly in agreement, but what they wished was to be free. Of course Shawn couldn’t tell, but the genie knew.

“Uh...have you...ever wished something for yourself?” Shawn asks the genie.

“Oh!” The genie was taken off guard. No one had ever asked her that question before. She never granted a wish for herself, but she did always want to have a child of her own to take care of and love. Maybe...she could accomplish everyone’s wishes at once. She just hopes it turns out alright for everyone.

The genie begins her wish granting as a glowing aura surrounds everyone. The Pokemon immediately felt the effects as they were free of Shawn’s Pokeballs. They were super happy and overjoyed until they noticed something happening to Shawn. He was getting smaller!

“What? What’s happening? Why am I shrinking?” he says as his voice suddenly gets a bit higher. Not only was he getting smaller, he was feeling some other major changes happening down below as his gender was changing.

“Why? Why am I…am I a girl now?” Shawn, now a girl says as she oddly notices her chest hasn’t changed. That was because she was also getting younger. She was starting to panic a little as her mind was becoming closer to that of a child.

The Pokemon unsure of what was happening started to become concerned. “Bayleef! Did we wish something wrong? Shawn isn’t getting hurt is he?” Bayleef says to the genie.

The genie blushed and looked down, unsure of herself for the first time in a long time. “Well, Shawn asked me what my wish was. And, they...ended up combining…” the genie lopunny says.

“Mommy? Daddy? Someone help me understand!” Shawn asks, calling out for her parents as the Pokemon, now all bigger than her, run to check on her. Despite remembering her parents awful treatment, her newfound childlikeness made her want to be near family. She was now pretty much a four year old toddler at this point.

Then she felt a little tail pop out behind her. It was a bunny tail! But not just any bunny, it was the tail of a Buneary. “Am I becoming a Pokeymon?” Shawn asks in her child-like voice as her intelligence and speaking is not at the same level it once was before as brown fur starts spreading all around her.

“Blaziken! Genie, what was your wish? Did you want to have a child of your own?” Blaziken asks the Lopunny.

“You are correct. I never was able to have a child of my own in the lamp. Shawn never had the happy upcoming she deserved. She needs a second chance at a happy childhood, and you would all be free to do and go wherever. I did my best to make everyone’s wishes come true.” she says.

Shawn noticed her midsection was becoming covered in the same floofy fur as her tail. She grabbed it with her hands and it felt quite soft. She cracked a little smile, although tears still fell. Not because of the transformation hurting, but because so much was changing so suddenly and it was scary, especially for someone with the mind of a four year old.

The Lopunny came around to comfort her as Shawn’s feet became paws and his hands became paw like. Shawn’s head was next to be changed as her head became rounded and covered in brown fur as her nose and mouth became a small Buneary muzzle. Her eyes become more rounded and black with a white pupil as Shawn’s ears become bunny ears with tannish white floof on top.

The last changes Shawn didn’t notice as now that she was a Pokemon, she couldn’t talk to humans, but she can talk to and now understand other Pokemon. Everything was so confusing, and she didn't know what to do next. It was hard to fathom what had just happened…

Lopunny looked at Shawn the Buneary, she was a little timid of what had all happened. She was almost paralyzed with fear of what to do. Transforming into a Pokemon would throw anyone off, but also having the mentality of a child made it even more scary for her. Lopunny wasn’t sure what she should do as she never had a child before. She was scared to hurt Buneary.

Lopunny decided to curl next to Buneary, she figured seeing Buneary scared like that needed some sort of protection and security. She was surprised when Buneary cuddled up next to her. She was clearly doing something right. “It’s going to be ok sweetie,” Lopunny says to Buneary. And after a long pause, she added “Mama is gonna take care of you.”

“M-Mama? A-are you g-gonna be my Mama?” Buneary asks Lopunny.

Lopunny thought for a second before smiling and saying “Yes of course baby….forever and always...i love you...so ...so much,” she said straight from the heart.Even though the buneary wasn't a buneary a few minutes ago ...it had felt like they had spent a lifetime together already, And she was ready to spend a million more~.

“I love Mama too!” Buneary says delightfully. It was the first time someone ever said they loved her. She had the cutest smile as she hugged Lopunny. As Shawn’s Pokemon watched, they were relieved Shawn was in better hands. Shawn the Buneary turned around and saw them. She realized now how she didn’t treat them as well as she could have. They were all free now, but Shawn wanted to make amends before they left to enjoy their newfound freedom.

Shawn the newly made buneary looked at their pokemon...he wasn't sure what to say...and if they’d ever forgive him but he did his best to gather up the simple words in his throat “i-im sorry all of you...and….ill miss you” he said tearing up a bit before nestling back into lopunny again.

“We, we forgive you, Buneary. I think all of us will be happier. And, we hope you will be happier too. We’ll miss you too.” The Pokemon each chimed in as Buneary waved goodbye with her little paws as the Pokemon left the cave to begin their lives anew. Now it was just Lopunny and her Buneary.

“So uhhh...i've never really had a kid before….what do ya wanna do lil one?”lopunny asked rubbing the back of her head blushing kind of embarrassed as beaneary thought…..and thought….and also thought some more.

“I wanna play with the Mama! I wanna run and play in the tree place with you!” Buneary says with glowing and cute eyes. She was starting to get some energy back and everyone knows how hyper kids can be. Buneary was practically hopping up and down with excitement at this point.

Lopunny chuckled, smiling “Heh sure thing baby anything for you!” Lopunny said, nuzzling her as they walked out into the nice warm sun. Buneary’s eyes lit up feeling the warm sun on her fur and seeing the trees and the forest more up close. Seeing all of the other Pokemon out there made Buneary very excited. Before dhe never bothered paying attention to the scenery around him. She had always kept her eyes forward and focused on whatever goal she wanted. But now that competition is over, she is now free to explore and experience this whole new environment.

“Mama! Look at the pretty Bellossom!” Buneary says pointing them out excitedly and showing Lopunny. Despite having faced Bellossoms in battle, Buneary’s new childlike innocence saw them much differently now. The Bellossom was definitely blooming to say the least as they say Buneary and Lopunny and they waved to her. “Can we meet Bellossom Mama?” Buneary asks.

“Sure, as long as you stay close by. Don’t want you running too far away from me. You’re still quite young and new to this.” Lopunny tells Buneary.

“Ok Mama! Sticking to you!” Buneary says as they walk over to Bellossom. “Hello!” Buneary says to her.

“Why hello Buneary! And hello Lopunny! Nice to see you!” Bellossom says to them with a warm smile.

“Hee hee!” Buneary giggles with glee getting to meet other Pokemon. This was her home now and Bellossom is now her neighbor and soon to be newfound friend.

“Buneary is an exciting one isn’t she?” Bellossom says to Lopunny.

“Well, at their age it is pretty hard to contain their excitement and energy. But she’s not in any danger and she wants to see more of the outside, so why not?” Lopunny answers.

“Has she practiced any moves?” Bellossom innocently asked not realizing what Buneary was before as Buneary suddenly paused. It occurred to her as a Pokemon she would be able to use certain moves in battle. But now Buneary was scared of battling. She was scared her competitiveness would resurface, or if she didn’t do well, she was worried about being a disappointment. Buneary went from cheerful to fearful in a matter of seconds as she cowered towards Lopunny.

“Erm...I don’t think Buneary here wants to really use her moves yet. She is pretty young still. And she...never saw a battle. She just doesn’t want to accidentally hurt anyone.” Lopunny says to Bellossom who gasps embarrassed.

“Oh no no no! I didn’t mean it to come across like that! I’m so sorry little one, I didn’t mean to make you nervous like that. You can use moves outside of battle and not have to worry about hurting anyone! I have a move called Sleep Powder that can help you go to sleep and doesn’t cause any damage. It’s close to nighttime, so it might help calm you down and relax you.” Bellossom offers.

“Is it safe Mama?” Buneary asks. Even though her memories of battle would assume so, Buneary herself never experienced it and didn’t know how it would feel.

“You are gonna be fine sweetie. Bellossom is not the type to want to hurt or trick a fellow Pokemon.” Lopunny reassures Buneary.

“Ok. I’m ready Bellossom.” Buneary says as Lopunny gets behind Bellossom to avoid being in the path as well.

“Alright! Sleeeeeeep Powwwwwder!” Bellossom says as Buneary’s eyes start to get droopy as her whole body suddenly feels relaxed. It was a warm sensation of just letting go of all of her worries. Buneary murmured quietly as her smile returned. This sleep powder made her feel quite cozy as she went to sleep.

“She’s so peaceful now isn’t she?” Bellossom says to Lopunny.

“Indeed. She’ll feel even better in the morning,” Lopunny says as she carries Buneary back home as they say good-bye to Bellossom. Lopunny laid Buneary down in her arms as they cuddled as they both went to sleep.

The next morning, the stranger from before entered the cave. The sounds awoke both of them as Buneary wanted to say and thank the man for showing her this, but all that came out was “Buneary!” Confusion went on Buneary’s face as she didn’t know why she could say her own name and nothing else. “Bune...ary? Bune, Bune, Buneary?”

“Seems like some good wishes were made last night Lopunny, it was about time you made a wish for yourself too.” the stranger says. “And it looks like this little one is quite happy now!” he says smiling.

“Buneary!” Buneary said trying to say “Yes I am!” but again, she couldn’t talk to the stranger.

“Oh, this is probably new to you. I could tell from your expressions what you’re trying to say, but Pokemon can’t speak to people unless they are either really powerful or have psychic telepathy skills,” the stranger explains to Buneary who groaned sadly hearing this. She wouldn’t be able to communicate to humans possibly ever again.

“It’s ok Buneary, you still have lots of other Pokemon to talk to! And who knows, maybe if and when you’re ready to evolve, maybe you could gain my level of telepathy!” Lopunny says trying to cheer up Buneary. It seemed to work quite well as Buneary smiled. “Buneary!”

“Now, something tells me you are a little apprehensive to fighting, and that’s understandable, but, not every move deals damage as you know. You didn’t exactly utilize these much before, but you could use those as defense rather than attack.” the stranger says to Buneary.

“Buneary?” Buneary asks confused because she did not know what moves she even had. But when she thought about it, suddenly she knew what moves she had. It was as if this was always ingrained in her.

“Sounds like she just found out her moves! Where’s that dummy you have that measures the effects of moves? Know quite a few in the past have wished to become their favorite Pokemon and wanted practice with moves. I bet that will help Buneary here!” Lopunny says as the stranger leaves to get the practice dummy.

“I gots moves Mama! I have the cutest moves! I can Charm! I can use Double Kick! I got Bounce which is a fun and playful attack! And I got cute Baby-Doll Eyes!” Buneary says happily. She was much more comfortable now knowing her moves weren’t going to hurt anyone.

“You seem pretty excited to try them out! And he sometimes brings TMs for the Pokemon out here to learn certain moves we otherwise couldn’t on our own. Maybe later on you could try one out!” Lopunny suggests.

“Ok Mama! What ones can I try? What are some good moves I can learn?” Buneary asks Lopunny.

“Well sweetie I don’t have much experience with TMs. And I think you should get used to your move set first before trying out TMs.” Lopunny advised Buneary.

“Awwwwwww… ok Mama,” Buneary says a little disappointed, but it did make sense to her. She might love all four of her moves and not even want to use a TM Move.

After a few minutes, the stranger brought back the test dummy and got it set up in an open area to give Buneary room to practice.

“I’m so excited Mama! I can’t wait to show my moves off!” Buneary says as they make their way over to the test dummy. Lopunny watches a little away to give her Buneary space.

Buneary was a little nervous about her first attack. She commanded attacks for her Pokemon before, but now, she was going to be the one doing the attack. Buneary felt the Power Points from deep within as she unleashed her first ever attack on the test dummy. “BuuuuuuuuuunnnnnneeeeARRRRRRRYYYYYY!” she says as she uses Charm on the test dummy. Everyone watched to see what happened as the test dummy let out a blush and its offensive stats went down.

“Buneary!” Buneary says happily as Charm worked. She turned to her mom as she gave a very warm smile back. Buneary then decided to try another move, Bounce. “Buuuunnneee….” she started but she jumped quite high they couldn’t hear her finish the name. Then, she came down hard on the test dummy, but also soft as she bounced on the test dummy causing a good amount of damage.

“Buneary!” she says happily as she spent the next hour practicing her moves. She was having the time of her life. But she did tire herself out afterwards as she hopped back to her mom. “I did it Mama!”

“You sure did sweetie! I’m so proud of you!” Lopunny says helping Buneary.

“Can we go home now? I need nappy time!” Buneary asks Lopunny.

“Of course sweetie! Want me to carry you or you think you can walk?” Lopunny asks.

“I can walk beside you Mama!” Buneary says as they leave the testing dummy, the stranger having long gone midway through Buneary’s move testing.

They had a nice quiet walk in the forest as they made their way back home. Buneary gave her Mom Lopunny a hug and said, “I Love You Mama!” with a cute smile on her face.

Lopunny returned the hug and said, “I Love You Too Honey!” as she kissed her forehead as she went to take a little nap, having a happy experience, and couldn’t wait to see what other adventures and experiences she had in store for the future with her Mom.

The stranger looked into the cave as he watched Lopunny and Buneary together. He smiled as his work was completed. “It’s time to grant more wishes…” the stranger says to himself as he disappears taking the lamp with him. Changing from a human into a Zoroark.

All the time, he was the true genie. He was really in the lamp when Shawn rubbed it, but had Lopunny play the part of the genie. Zoroark never wanted his true identity revealed except to those who he developed a strong trusting bond with, and Lopunny was one of the few he trusted. He was the one who bestowed her the ability to use telepathy. However, this wasn’t the only Pokemon he did this with. The illusion was almost ruined when Shawn asked Lopunny what her wish was, but Zoroark played along and was able to pull it off.

He would of course check in on them every now and then just like everyone whose wish was granted, but now it was time for him to leave Lopunny and Buneary to live their happy lives on their own. Lopunny looked at him and said “Thank You,” two simple words, but it was all that needed to say as Zoroark responded, “You’re welcome,” as he left to await the next person worthy of getting their wish granted.


Commission for Anonymous

This was our first Pokemon TF and the first Age Regression (AR) story as well! Like all of our stories we are very happy with how this turned out! We hope you all enjoy!
© 2020 - 2021 suneNclaws
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I bet they'll like being a Buneary. They seem like they'd like using support moves like Baton Pass and Helping Hand, and maybe add Return for strong STAB.

I've never actually used a Buneary or Lopunny before, but I think I might. Just need to get to the Isle of Armor.

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this is actually very cute and wholesome