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FooSune v.1

FooSune v.1.2 (August 16th)

I made some changes:

- Replaced album art image by an Artwork view panel that has more features and supports embedded images
- Changed artwork path in ElPlaylist. (now no one should have porblems with artwork not displaying, and images should not get cut off)
- Added a playlist switcher, on the left side panel
- Added a playlist dropdown that you can use instead of the playlist tabs. You can now switch between them, or use neither
- Fixed "open directory" button
- Fixed issue with group headers not showing when there is only one track inside the group.
- Changed the "sort by fields" button back to the regular "sort by" dialogue.

Check this thread for installation instructions ([link])
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foxthesly's avatar
Yeah, it'd be really nice to get an update. No other theme works for me the way this one does. ; ;
surajsharma's avatar
please please please update it for foobar 1.0+
surajsharma's avatar
plenty of foobar configs have come and gone but foosune remains my all time favorite, it had everything. please update it for foobar 1.0+
pic-lover's avatar
Looks so sleek. Will be trying it soon. :)
pic-lover's avatar
It's great. But has problems loading button pics, particularly when trying to play a file directly from windows explorer. Acc to your HA forums thread, it's a bug with PSS plug-in. Sigh. I have switched to DarkOne for now. Nothing against your config though, it's still my fav and I'll come back to it :)
There are some little bugs, but overall This this is a very functional skin. Good job.
plinni's avatar
Where do I find an updated version of the uie_trackinfo.dll?
plinni's avatar
This is impressive! Just love it.
ruizinhoandre's avatar
how can i get the album art to appear in there? i have the images in the tag

tytung's avatar
Hi I can't seem to use wsh panel since it crashes the foobar, why?
using the latest foobar and XP SP3.
tytung's avatar
WSH Panel 0.7.2 is no longer compatible with the latest foobar version ( Is it OK to use your theme without it?
Crashes on import with Vista. I really want to use this. :(
Harukanii's avatar
Very nice! And great music tastes!
I'd love to use this config, but every time I try to import FooSune [link], Foobar crashes.. Do ye happen to have a solution for this?
very,very cool!
Gumis91's avatar
amazing skin, work like a charm ^^

many thanks for sharing this with community :D
STATiK-04's avatar

Only thing I don't like is the Browser Panel thing, I prefer the Columns Filter, but it was originally for your own use, so whatever really.
And I can just change the Browser Panels to Columns Filters (though they look ugly, and there is a lack of 'Year' panel).

Thanks for a kick-ass Columns UI config :)
"there is a lack of 'Year' panel"

--> Go to Preferences > Columns UI > "Filter" tab
- Click 'New'
- under Name: "Year", and under Field: "Date"

I use that component because I love it and works smoothly in my computer. And until another component comes up that I can use to make nice seekbars and volume bars, I'll keep using it.

Only you and another person have reported this crash, and I can't do anything about it. All I can tell you is to remove the WSH panels from the columns ui layout, and use a regular toolbar with foobar's seekbar and volume bar
Why make something that doesn´t work for everyone, i was so happy to finally find such a great foobar theme, but now it isnt working anymore, :'<, sune80 please, help me, to get your wonderful theme to work on AMD cpu's.
So why did you use an unstable component sune80, i do apologize the capslock wasn't meant as an instult. I clearly stated i was frustrated such a great foobar theme doesn't work for me, and i read that wsh panel page you posted the link. It appears that whoever wrote it isn't around anymore. So do you have any suggestions for me to get the theme to work with alternatieve components. Thanks in advance for your help.
i know what foobar is and i am not stupid i speak 5 languages.AKI you speak engrish:"god...that erwinfire sounds so wonder he can flaming on something he didn't even know how to do. in fact he didn't even know what foobar is ^
i mean wth is that supposed to mean.
Br3tt's avatar
great config, one of the best for sure ;)
ak-i's avatar
god...that erwinfire sounds so wonder he can flaming on something he didn't even know how to do. in fact he didn't even know what foobar is ^^ :wow:
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