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Samus Aran from Metroid and her kitty :)

Heavily inspired by the talented [link]

and their awesome Samus piece [link]
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Hm, I’m not sure if Samus would own a cat.

But I like the idea anyways, even though I’m a dog person
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I really like your interpretation of the suit

the joints especially the leg parts look really awesome!
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I don't think the suit is that big, but it's a great concept!
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it's not mech, it's a suit of armor
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Awesome work. so cool
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awesome work!
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Interesting take on Samus Aran.  Her suit is more like a Robot here.
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is it just me or does this looks a  bit like the hulkbuster armor?
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Just saiyain that she older then the first movie from avenger . ._. 

It doesnt look even close like a hulkbuster armor but hey enjoy your day .
DanielSasso's avatar! it's a new take on the suit design and I love it! Regardless of it looking like a mech, it looks believable.
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I can imagine that suit being her actual size in smashbros......
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the cat is adorable
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Lol the cat stole the attention, Samus looks pretty-

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The suit's legs are too far apart. Samus maybe bow legged.
Are they normally like that?
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"Why did I even add that cat-activated ejector button?"
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REALLY COOL! but isint it too big? her suits not a mecha...
sundragon83's avatar for the size, its my own interpretation, in the notes I also say im paying homage to two of my fav artists, if you know of them you can see where I have taken inspiration.
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ok, thanks for the info ^_^ still great art!
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-this is amazing,an image of her coming out of the suit (and not looking like a slut for once).very realistic,though the feet are a bit blocky and her bangs somewhat stiff.the rest of it though ,i love it.i like the lighting reflecting off her suit,shading and color too,not to mention the detailed inside (cushions and all,of course it would have cushions,i never thought of that!)and her cat down there completes it :)
Excellent work.
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