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July 17, 2009
Mysterious Journals Illu by ~sundragon83
Featured by MidnightExigent
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Mysterious Journals Illu

An illustration for Jon Lewis' ([link]) upcoming book "Mysterious Journals"

The image depicts Colt and his "ARC angel" (to put it bluntly, a bad ass battle mech!)

A high resolution print (400dpi) will be available shortly

More info coming soon!
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This is sooooo aweseome!!! :wow:
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Hello Alex. First off, may I say this is fantastic! Also, I was wondering if I could use this print in an article I am writing. It's about the Drones campaign your art is featured in, and I was hoping I could post some pics of what it's all about. Your mecha design here would be excellent as a sampling of how it also addresses the future of robotics and what that may look like. You of course would receive credit and a link would be posted to your site. Is that alright?
sundragon83's avatar
sounds ok to me :)

if you can link me to the article that would be great.


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I love sci-fi scenarios like this! and the mech is very cool!! wow!
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I like the way this looks
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So cool... *o*
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How is this even possible?!
The realism contained within this piece is unbelievable! Every bit of detail and texture is so damn realistic that imagining this as a digital drawing is insane, and I'm not talking about the boy or the robot!
For a drawing, it looks damned UNBELIEVABLE.
The boy and the mech both so detailed and beautifully lighted, the streets and the reflection of light from the wet ground, even the damned buildings themselves can make up as a standalone piece of art, EVERYTHING is so consistent and connected.

I don't know how you did this, or what techniques you've used, but it must've taken a helluva lot of time to complete this, else you're a god.
Forgive me for swearing like so, but I cannot contain my awe for such a graceful piece of art like this.
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Gorgeous! I love the composition, it's awesome. :aww:
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Colt's just like, "yeah, don't mess with us".
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Wow I love this! I love how dark and sinister but lonely it is. Well that's what I feel from this :)
C-blaze21's avatar
That Sci-fi image is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!
Sinsitra's avatar
Woah... Amasing!
EP-EpicSlave's avatar
this is over the top EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XDimov's avatar
that's just so cool, incredibly well done!
Dream-Under-Fire's avatar
That's really awesome!
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