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Login Area: Bussard


Bussard - Login Area

This file is for personal, free, non-commercial use.
Please contact me if you plan to use the file in other situations.

When you like to offer the file on your web page:
Do not link directly on the .zip file, you have to link on the (this) overview page!

Any questions? Feel free to contact me.

Code: 08.05.42
Pseudonym of military operations during World War II from the Axis.
The reconquest of the Kertsch-Landenge to take the offensive against the Caucasus

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excelente aporte
Thanks for shareing.
sir my email id is and i honestly would like to download the same for personal reasons and not commercially.. hope that helps
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Great work, i think the opacity background in login area looks elegant and modern, I loved it!
zPwn3d's avatar
Awesome! I think it can make a great flyer, not only a login area. Would be very original.. :-)
familia123's avatar
Hahah sciagnela ten Template :D zal:D

Ciekawe czy zapytali o zgode;)
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Hallo an alle.
Ich wollte fragen, wie kann ich das Skript vollständig erhalten und nicht nur im PSD-Format?

Ich nehme an, das Skript ist in PHP und MySQL.
Wenn das Skript zu zahlen, wie viel?

Wenn jemand versteht, wäre es auch erlaubt, eine Antwort in Italienisch
Ciao a tutti .
volevo chiedere come posso ricevere lo script completo ed non solo In PSD formato ??

presumo lo script sia in PHP e Mysql .
se lo script é a pagamento , quanto costa?

grazie e ciao a tutti
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This PSD file is not coded yet. Here you can download the psd file only.

Cheers to download....
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Thank you so much :hug:
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you're welcome :hug:
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really nice!
thank you
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Nur die Farben der Buttons wollen wir net so gefallen. Typisch Vista ^^
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Wenn das so is, kannste sie ja in der psd datei ändern ^^
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Do you have writtend permission from `-kol to use this?
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