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Abyssal Plains Serpent

I give you a beastie

Art @ by me
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Love this ! great job
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You're welcome 😊
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Yes indeed, you have. You've created a mesmerizing sense of motion in the frothing of the waves around the serpent's body, to say nothing of the sneaky, menacing, winding nature of said body. I would not want to meet this one out in a little fishing boat, I tell you...
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Thank you! Luckily for the boats out there, it would be rare to see one surface.
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The lighting and shadow on this is amazing. and the teeth visible through the transparency of the cheek. Amazing
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Thank you! The design was surely fun to come up with, and I prolly could have done even more with it.
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Always good when it's fun :D
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I really love this picture, it has so much strength and movement...yet the light is soft and still. This reminds me of those legends and myths from sailors about beasts in the ocean ^^ Can't wait to see more from your art hehe
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Thank you! I'm glad you have a good vision of the piece.
I definitely need to try an do more full works like this in the future.
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holy hell this is Gorgeous ;-;
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the colors on this are just killer!! i love the atmosphere as well, wonderful!
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Aw gosh, thank you!
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How cool is this and how come I missed it?Love it, good job with the water!
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Oh wow! This looks awesome, especially the colors and the lighting
I was wondering, how long does a piece like this take?

are you ever interested in doing a step by step ever?
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Thanks Neb!
Ah I didn't really keep track but at least several hours.

I sure have, I just keep forgetting whenever I start a new piece :'D
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-sighs and puts my chin in my hands- 

Oh Levi this is lovely, I love your art, can I marry it?
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Aw thank you Kept <3
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SO GOOD.  GOOD GOD SO GOOD YOU ARE SO GOOD.  the values in this are SO FREAKING COOL like omg I am so mad I LOVE HOW HE COILS AND IS SO SPIKY AND NEAT!!!! god I can barely look at the thing without my eyes snapping directly to the face I am so mad that you can control my eyes that well.  YOU DID SO WELL WITH THE WATER!!! IT IS YELLOW AND GREEN!!!! AH.  this is so good you are so good my GOD you are so!!! good!!!!
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Ahhh thank you, Enaxn <3
Your comments are always so fun and I'm glad you enjoy the piece!
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Wonderful beast . Not often I find such amazing  artworks with sea serpents. Great job .Clap 
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Thank you! <3
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