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Maximum Ride Concept The Flock

By sundang
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sup everyone, It's been awhile eh...
Here's pretty much what i've been up to.

This concept is for Maximum Ride Movie its getting picked up by the studios who made successful "super hero" films.... lol i cant say what studio but its a good one and its not "hopefully" gonna suck like the other superhero movies out there. so far the concepts is up in the air but its surely in the screen writing stage.

anyway anyone who reads Max' the girl in front is Max while the rest i just made up as her flock. so dont go complaining thats not them and shiz... its a concept i cant stress that enough.

Also im art directing 2 other feature films right now >_< freaking super bussyyyy

aight ppl!


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You got Max, Gazzy and Fang perfect! Nudge, not so much, (tho not bad) and Ari looks like a badass, but where're Iggy and Angel?
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MaximumRideFan123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this but who's the guy in the back *hopes who I think it is*
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Clowy53Hobbyist General Artist
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thebingbangHobbyist General Artist
oh, wow! this looks amazing! Also just started this series and I really like it so far! 
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Its amazing. I love Gazzy and Nudge. Although, where is Angel, and where is (my favorite charachter) Iggy?
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PhoenixAshes11Student General Artist
and angel...
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PhoenixAshes11Student General Artist
great job! but what about Iggy? (:
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Even if it's a concept the guy on the far right looks a little bit how I'd imagined Ari, good work. I hope I'm not the only one STILL waiting for the film
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fuwafuwanwanStudent Traditional Artist
I really like your interpretation of the characters' looks!
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Silent--CryHobbyist General Artist
Gazzy looks absolutely amazing.
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KiarraDHobbyist General Artist
People are making a maximum ride movie!!!!
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best book series ever
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official-izzyHobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome! :D
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juju60983cameoStudent General Artist
i agree that no one should be all like "that's not max!" but u r missing one person in the flock
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This piece is missing two, Angel and Gazzy. I'm guessing the guy on the end is Ari.
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MaximumRideFan123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope it is!
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No, it's missing Angel and Iggy. Gazzy is the one with the explosives goggles. Or at least that was my first thought.
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askNudgeHobbyist Artist
this is cool. the girl in back looks kinda like me so im not complaining
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Lillyann-MaryHobbyist Interface Designer
its sooo AWESOME
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Nice work .. love the facial expressions
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luthiantelemnarHobbyist General Artist
Cool, that's a nice spin on the characters. It would have been nice in my opinion if you'd added Angel, but if this movie is being done of the first book, that wouldn't make much sense anyway...
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