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KOU - Sundang style

By sundang
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At last i finished Kou!!!!!! this is Minachan's character, i really had fun doing it in my style, but dang i had troubles making it not look like Rock Howard LOL... anyway, of course its done in painter and textured/color corrected in photoshop... no 3d elements on this one...heheheh... well hope you guys like it!!!!! PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!
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alreadyReloading's avatar
That is just really freaking cool looking.

Props! Are those shattered leaves around him? The effects are awesome - nice work!
JJH's avatar
I like it man! You've got a new fan!
darmalith's avatar
This one like the rest of your works is just marvelous. The details are nice, the lighting nearly perfect. +fav
DanRobArt's avatar
Wow.. I'm sure you get this alot but your work is magnificent!
garfield101's avatar
cool swirl thing you got there plus the color its great!!!
shard-suterusu's avatar
You definetly got skills :aww: I really love the glowy, shattered leaves design through it.
fervour's avatar
there is such great movement within your work!
-ace-'s avatar
Wow, I really really like your work, i think its great.
I would really like to have a look at your 3D animations sometime too.
Rock Howard is sooo coool, unfortunatly not many people know him cuz that Lone wolf game didnt come out in english i dont think, i could be wrong.
Anywayz good work=D (Big Grin)
ArtofChase's avatar
Rock Howard, uh, ROCKS!! But so does this guy. Great job! :) (Smile)
shawnasshown's avatar
I can't say enough good things about this, just plain awesome man.:) (Smile)
littleneko's avatar
Totally awesome piece!!! Loved it! This is definately going in my favorites!
Cecihoney's avatar
Whoa this one is a kill the effects are great, and the character looks great too:) (Smile) And this Jacket looks like one i have btw:P (Lick)
ghor's avatar
amazing - beautiful - awesome!!

AlexandreLancaster's avatar
What can I say? Great work, keep it up!:) (Smile)

See ya,

stilgar's avatar
Excellent! nice job, well done!

Style is Thumbs Up !

Color is Thumbs Up !

Looking Skull and Crossbones aka. KILLER!

Remeber: -If wishes were fishes, we'd all cast our nets-
perigryn's avatar
Wah! I love that background! That's so flippin' amazing dude! Your character is also hugely well done. Man, I need to get down to learning the mad colouring skills like those. That's incredible!
mangacat's avatar
=o_o= just... holy shite, y'know? You've got some views going there *eyes the three thousand something views* My god... Lol, absolutely stunning? Pretty coloring =;;__;;= I want it.
latino-champion's avatar
ohhhhhhh way...i can t believe this..soooo good
i must learn to colour..awesome
id be honoured if u had a look at my stuff

blackmyst's avatar
Despite all the sparkly icey thingies, the thinf I like best about this is his face. Quite a unique style, somehow. Not very animeish, yet nothing like most western art.

*plans to look through your gallery soon*
drewerd's avatar
I really like this pic. matter of fact you are my first favorite:) (Smile)
jigokuen's avatar
i'm gonna repeat what all the others have said, this is absolutely amazing! i love the textures on the character and especiall the background as well!!!!! awesome job!
BronzeRocket's avatar
Just beautiful man. I'm lovin' the windy frost look.

natemh's avatar
Wow! Awesome colors man! You ROCK!!
1go's avatar
I really like the way you color your drawings, but it feels a bit empty, there's something missing.
i really like your art.
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