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Starfleet Class A Uniform



This costume represents the fusion of my two favorite Starfleet uniform designs: the "Monster Maroon" style from movies 2 - 6 and the grey-shouldered jumpsuits from movies 8 - 10 (and later seasons of Deep Space Nine). It is meant to be a more formal alternative to the standard grey-shouldered Standard Duty (jumpsuit) uniform, hence why I've labeled it the Class A uniform.

I tried to keep to the original silhouette of the Monster Maroon jacket, and used the Lincoln Enterprises pattern as the basis of the jacket. There were a lot of changes made, such as the obvious additions of the padded grey shoulders and the division colored stripes on the cuff, as well as a full lining inside (which the original pattern did not include). I also kept the original closure styles on the jacket: there are 18 black snaps sewn along the edge of the front flap with pieces of silver chain sewn between them, and the red shoulder strap attaches to the front flap with a silver twist lock. The inside of the jacket flap is also accented with white fabric just as the originals were.

The red division undertunic is done in the style of the one worn with the grey-shouldered jumpsuits, so it has a front zip and the gold rank pins attach to the tunic neck. The rank pins are actually gold-plated neodymium magnets: in a pocket on the inside neck of the tunic is a set of four magnets glued to a piece of heavy plastic, so I can wear however many pips I want, pull them on and off my collar at will, and they will always be perfectly positioned. The commbadge on the front of the jacket also has three magnets glued to its back, with another square of plastic with three corresponding magnets sewn into the jacket interlining, so I can also pull the commbadge off and put it back on in exactly the same place every time.

You can't see it in this image, but I also created a mission patch design and sewed it to the left sleeve, just below the point of the grey shoulder piece. Mission patches are a rare thing to see on Star Trek (aside from the ship-specific chest badges on The Original Series they've only really been used on Enterprise) but I think it's a nice touch to have one.

This uniform took me the better part of a month to make, and most of that was hand-sewing. All the edging around the grey shoulder pieces, as well as the black edging along the inside of the jacket, was blind stitched. There are also the 18 snaps holding the jacket together, plus the bits of chain sewn between those (which I did with invisible thread), and then the red shoulder strap, and the red on the cuffs, and the stripes on the skirt...oh, and let's not forget all the hemming involved!

Yes, it took forever. Yes, I was convinced to make another one for a friend. No, I'm not sure I want to make another one. Maybe if the price is right, but I don't know if anyone would want to pay that much for a geek costume.
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Have you considered wearing the 23rd Century rank insignia on the shoulder strap? Uniforms may change, but there is no rule that says insignia have to as well. Hell, the US military has been using the same insignia for 200 years, while also using the traditional Navy stripes at the same time.