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Commissions are [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 8:09 AM

:new: Because of work and personal matters, I have to close the waitlist now. I will, however, finish the commissions that are already on the list, but it will take some time, so please be patient. Thank you~

Since I'll have less free time from now on and commissions keep coming regularly, I need to open slots so I can still do a proper job with them.
I'm going to open THREE slots, and if they get full I'll open a waitlist.

Each slot will be for each piece of work, so if you want to ask two commissions, you'll need two slots (if you want three, then three slots, etc). You'll have the slot once you've paid for the sketch of your commission, and I'll follow the waitlist order for sending the sketches.
You can see the slots available at my main page.


I will draw:

-Original characters.

-Ecchi scenes. 
-Light nudity.

I won't draw:

-Mecha and/or too complex armors. 

-Too violent scenes.
-Explicit sex scenes.
-Anything too bizarre or disgusting.
-Anything offensive to any religion or ethnic group.

You will get:

-If you asked for a chibi or a headshot, you will get an A5 image, with 300dpi, in .jpg or .png extension. 
-If you asked for a half or fullbody, you will get an A4 image, with 300dpi, in .jpg or .png extension. 
-If you prefer to get a bigger image (A3 or more), please, ask for it at the same moment that you'll ask the commission.
-If you prefer a .tiff extension just ask for it. 

Procedure and Payment:

-First, you must send me a note about the commission you want. Please, be as specific as you can here, the more detailed you describe it, the better.
-After that, I'll make one or more sketches for you, show them to you and then you must pick one and ask me to make the changes you find necessary.
-At this point, I will ask you for HALF of the money, which must be paid via PayPal.
-After this, I will finish the pic and send you a low-res preview. You can ask for small changes at this point. 
-If you're happy with the result, you must pay me the other half of the money (again, via PayPal only) and after that you will get your high-res final pic!! Enjoy it!!

Other important things:

-The artwork you'll receive is for personal use only.
-I will upload the finished piece to my deviantArt gallery and/or other social media if I want to. 
-You can upload the finished piece to your own deviantArt gallery, but please give me credit for it. 
-The finished piece will have a tiny signature on it. I promise it won't be a bother. 
-Simple backgrounds are included. If you want more detailed backgrounds ask for prices via note, please.

-Pets, pokémons or similar, count as additional characters, but they may get a discount depending on the complexity. Please, ask me via note for this.
-Depending of the complexity of the picture, it could take a week or more, please be patient, I will work on it as fast as I can.
-If you send me a note and I'm taking too long to respond, I inform you that my timezone is GMT+1 (Spain), and I'll contact you as soon as I can. You can check the time here:

-Sketch: 3USD. Additional character +2USD.
-Lineart + spot color: 4USD. Additional character +2USD.
-Flat color: 5USD. Additional character +3USD.
-Full Color: 6USD. Additional character +4USD.


Selfie by SundaeLee The Hybrid by SundaeLee Me too!! by SundaeLee Commission: Siinew by SundaeLee Sketch Commission: Siinew by SundaeLee Commission: InoRose19 by SundaeLee

Also, since I've got more than one style for chibis, you can use this guide to pick one: chibi types

-Sketch: 3USD. Additional character +2USD.
-Lineart + spot color: 5USD. Additional character +3USD.
-Flat color: 7USD. Additional character +3USD. 
-Full color: 10USD. Additional character +5USD.


Commission: Skini-McWafferpants by SundaeLee  Damn sexy Ryukan... by SundaeLee Empress Akiko by SundaeLee Reino by SundaeLee Not listening by SundaeLee 

-Sketch: 5USD. Additional character +2USD.
-Lineart + spot color: 6USD. Additional character +3USD.
-Flat color: 8USD. Additional character +4USD.
-Full color: 12USD. Additional character +6USD.


That special dress by SundaeLee Her crush by SundaeLee Kiss by SundaeLee Sethabby by SundaeLee Commission: Gamergirl0608 by SundaeLee

-Sketch: 6USD. Additional character +3USD.
-Lineart + spot color: 8USD. Additional character +4USD.
-Flat color: 10USD. Additional character +6USD.
-Full color: 15USD. Additional character +8USD.


Halloween Fay by SundaeLee Puella Mero by SundaeLee Pocky Day by SundaeLee Akiko Color by SundaeLee Here I am! by SundaeLee Commission: SoulBeater by SundaeLee Wild Shinx appeared!! by SundaeLee Yeeehaw!! by SundaeLee I am a Pirate, you are a Princess. by SundaeLee

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congratulations for your awesome and really cute artstyle :squee:

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I'm not really tired tired of it. I love frills but they need a lot of work xD
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Yeah I understand... XDDD

Well IF I make a request in the future for a puffy dress girl you can just draw her sitting with an enormous and endless skirt spread and legs fully covered, ok? ^_^
SundaeLee Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Sure xD
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Sorry, I'm not into politics.
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