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I feel like a total dork in social media in general, so at this time I'd just like to add a big thank you to everyone for watching, it means a lot to me!

As a little update on what's up, I'm continuing my personal project of which

is the first completed piece. 4 more pieces in the same vein should follow during January. I'm super happy to be trying out something totally new and diving into traditional media, I was starting feel really stuck in my work for some reason. I've been blogging a lot about the progress I'm making, so head over there for any progress shots and musings!

In the game frontier Sproggiwood is making steady, if slow progress. Yes we are late, SO late! Eventually the work has to end though, so at the moment we're looking to start play testing as soon as possible, and hopefully release in March. Don't hold me to that...

I'm also planning on making a tutorial or two as soon as I have time to plan them, but it might take a little bit of time with all the work that's piling on me now!

Happy New Year everyone!

Great Art Books for Beginners

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 6, 2013, 6:40 AM

I started a series of posts about art books I like over at my blog. As the first installment I'm listing all the art books I loved or wished I had when starting out.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

Drawn to life by Walt Stanchfield vol 1 and 2

The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals by Joe Weatherly

The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed

Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters by Robert Beverly Hale

See the post for individual run down of the books, and why I think they are great.

Want a a tutorial? Ask for tutorial!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 31, 2013, 1:18 AM

So lately I have been dipping my toe into tutorial making, by doing a few very straightforward pieces, one on Photoshop vectors and layers (apple tutorial) and the other for making cool journal buttons (aren't they cool?!).

Here's where you come in! I'd like to write some more tutorials, but obviously it's a lot more rewarding to write about stuff people actually want to know. So what do you want to learn from me? I won't promise instant delivery, but I'll take all suggestions under consideration!

Also, any feedback on the clarity and pacing etc of the current tutorials is welcome, help me improve!

Social Media Buttons (Journal CSS) Tutorial by Suncut
Apple Tutorial by Suncut

Sproggiwood Reached (closed) Beta!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 15, 2013, 1:15 AM

Something we have been eagerly anticipating, Sproggiwood has finally started user testing. At the moment We are looking to release sometime early 2014, so it's high time to start polishing up the user experience. We're looking to launch an open (or more open) beta before release too to get more varied feedback, but at the moment a date for that hasn't been decided. I'm trying to crunch out the final big graphics myself at the moment, and move on to the polishing stage, where final adjustments and fine tuning all the effects and feedback happens. It's starting to look pretty final, which is awesome.

AetherCon is now over, whew!

I loved checking out other artists doing live tutorials and chatting with them, I'd definitely do that again. Only downside was that things were always just picking up when I had to go to sleep. One night I woke up at 6 am to find that there was awesome things going on at the artist hangouts, but was way too tired to follow what was happening and collapsed back to bed!

Talking about myself for such long periods of time at a time for my own streams sure was tiring. It was my first time doing any streaming, so I was a bit nervous going in, but having to do it was certainly helpful, I'd never have figured out how to stream videos for one if it hadn't been for the con! I hope my voice didn't grate anyone's ears too badly.

So I'll recommend this to anyone, streaming with google+ hangouts to youtube is super easy! And as a bonus once the streaming is complete youtube will save the video and even lets you edit it, so you can cut away the boring parts and appear awesome! Disclamer: I haven't done that.

My (unedited) streams are still available for viewing on my youtube account… for anyone who missed them. I'm thinking I might do some more streaming in the future if I can think of good (and maybe a bit shorter) subjects, so if there's anything you'd like to see tell me!
Hey all!

I'll be at an artist booth at AetherCon this weekend, starting from a few hours from now. Anyone can come along for a while to watch me paint or talk, no need to take part in the rest of the convention if you're only interested in my delightful company! But there are also lots of other awesome artists present doing the same thing at different times, so it should be real treat to all fantasy art fans.

I'll be doing live streaming tutorials, answering questions and talking with people. My booth times are:

Fri  - Painting Skin or Tiles tutorial, depending on present demand
7 to 10 pm GMT +2
noon to 3 pm EST

Sat - The leftover from friday, Tiling or Painting Skin
5 8 pm GMT +2
10 am 1 pm EST

Sun - Painting Hair
5 8 pm GMT +2
10 am 1 pm EST

The tutorials will start some time into the booth time, once there are enough people present. If the google hangout is full you can also follow the tutorial from the stream on my youtube channel. I'll try to edit the streams down to useful bits afterwards, so if anyone misses something they really wanted to see they can catch it later.

AetherCon artist booths, I'm on booth number 3. Links for joining the streams will appear shortly before the sessions start.…
We won the SA Gamedev challenge, woooop! I'm not quite sure what we won yet, but it's the victory that counts!

I'm actually quite suprised that we won, I didn't think the game would suit the general tastes of the forums so well. But the victory is sweet. I've never won anything with my art before, I wonder if this counts? The quality of the competition was great and taking part was a lot of fun.

This is good news for our planned commercial release later on, but right now we're busy as bees working on our second project, an ipad and mobile game combining adventuring with town building. I'll post more about it once we get some semi finished looking stuff in the game.

Here's the game one more time, in case you wanna give it go on your browser!…

edit: also won the people's choice, pretty cool!
I know I've been really quiet here for a while, but it's actually because I've been really busy, not lazy! I participated on Something Awful forums game dev challenge for July, and we made a game! Nuts, I know. I had so much fun, I love having complete creative freedom, and I love making games!

The theme was balls, so our game is about hosting a baroque ball, where everything will go wrong. The inspiration was from different serving games, but we have a slightly different approach with the guests actually taking independent actions and causing havoc depending on their state. Look forward to flying cakes, broken bottles and knocking difficult guests out with a ham!

Play it on your browser!…

If you feel you need help there's more instructions on playing on the wiki page….

We also made a blog on developing it, so if you're interested in reading how I approached making the graphics look no further….

Now we're moving on and planning a commercial release for that, and starting a new game as well. It's great to be busy with fun stuff. I've been missing making games for a while, and have to say this really hit the spot.
I had an awesome time at the northhern lights workshop in Stockholm! Only complaint is that it was too short being two days. I met a bunch of awesome people, and was thrilled to see Jesper Ejsing, Justin Gerard and Petar Meseldžija work live. And Justin brought a bunch of originals for us to gawk at, they were brilliant. The live demos they did were really enlightening as well.

I'm still trying to process everything I learned, I got great feedback on my work (spend more time drawing) and my portfolio, and bought a light table as soon as I got home to make sure I don't escape to the computer just because I have a drawing problem. I'll hopefully be posting my workshop piece soon, I almost finished drawing it at the workshop, and am now painting on the computer.

I had such a great time I'll attend the next one as well if I can just afford it, now planned for October. I hope it will be a whole week!
Workshop in stockholm, gonna be awesome! Anyone else attending?
I love birthdays, it's like the perfect excuse to do anything I like for a day! Actually I've been so busy I haven't really prepared this time, but I think I'm still going to bake myself a cake, even if it's going to be a little late. I got an iPad case and keyboard as a gift already - score! Thanks to everyone wishing me well :).

I've got two works in progress over at wipnation if anyone is interested in following along as I go through the painting progress. One of them is an entry for the art order evolution challenge closing on sunday. I'll post them here as soon as I finish.……
Just popped back in after all the Christmas hassle (granny ended up in the hospital on 23rd, she's recovering really well though) and boy was I suprised on the amounts of messages waiting for me! Thanks for everyone who's commented, faved and watched my work, I'll be going through all the messages, but it might take me a while :). I guess I'm going to have to put in more effort to being active!
I'm officially on summer holiday now, so I'm finally doing some plein air oils again. I managed to find a scene with some birches, so I'm happy since I've wanted to paint some for a while now.

Also I'm (slowly) experimenting on grounds on hardboard, since I'd love to move my illustration over to oils, but I canvases take way too much space in the house already, and they tend to be too uneven for fine detail. I really hope I can make them feel pleasant to paint on, it would solve so many problems.

Otherwise I'm strictly on holiday! I'm spending some time on our summer cottage at the moment, the good news is I have mobile net, bad news is it's pretty slow.

I'm trying to be brimming with creative energy come autumn!
Time really flies when you're being lazy, or something.

I just wanted to thank everyone who's watched me, or commented or faved my work, your interest is much appreciated!

I'm currently in the process of developing my portfolio for submitting to get freelance work, so any crits or tips on the consistency or style are more than welcome. I'll be submitting a few more inks to my gallery I think, and then it's back to digital painting again.

A little about me. I'm a year out of traditional art school (alfa-art to those finns who will recognize the name), my favorite medium is oils and I think everything is better when done hands on, but digital is just so damn convenient. If you're interested in viewing my old student work you can find most of it on my old account :iconmirounga:. I don't visit or update it anymore, but decided to leave the work up for posterity or something.

I started working in mobile games while still in school, and managed to get a little over a year worth of experience before I quit in february. I realised my work just wasn't improving while working on the clock and I wanted to finish the process of finding what I really want to say with ny art.

Last but not least, I was considering trying my hand at making a tutorial or two, but could't decide on a good subject matter. Any wishes?

For anyone interested in the process of my paintings, check out my blog, link next to my id. I'm also open to suggestions about interesting things to post about!