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January 3, 2012
Ghost Garden by ~Suncut
Featured by Marcellyne
Suggested by SaskiaDeKorte
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Ghost Garden

This has been in works for a while, and is finally done now. If you have seen hugo simberg's death's garden you can probably spot the similar theme. I just liked the thought that someone had died, but that didn't stop them from enjoying life.

The perspective was a lot of work, even though I made a sketchup model to help me with it.
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Robot58-Mech's avatar

Never seen ghost plants before, but hey, Cool idea :).

I know this is an old picture, but it is a masterpiece nevertheless :clap:.

Suncut's avatar

Thank you! I still really do like it myself, ghost plants <3

Robot58-Mech's avatar

This is perfect inspiration for my fantasy sci-fi novel I am working on to be an author.

Thanks again :).

Suncut's avatar
That sound great, looking forward to a lot of plants of spiritual nature then! :D
Robot58-Mech's avatar

Oh, and You're Welcome, both times ;).

I forgot to say You're Welcome last time, so this is for the last time, as well as for this time.

Kureiyah's avatar
What a stunning piece... thank you to keep power of drawing alive Undertale Flowey IDIOT 
Lightsthroughshadow's avatar
I want to cry looking at this picture, it seems so sad :(
Suncut's avatar
I'm glad I managed to make evoke so much feeling from you! I feel overall positive about the picture, after all if I could continue doing what I love best in life even after death, I'd love that. Of course it depends on what parts of the story you end up thinking about. I think it also comes back to how I think of old places and buildings, sure it looks dead and forgotten and hopeless now, but inside it there's still a spirit of the life past.
Lightsthroughshadow's avatar
I keep thinking the woman in this picture is a mother who lost child in childbirth and to get over the pain pasted her time tending to her plants as if her own child she had lost. She did it so much she died caring more for her plants then her own well being and continued to care about her plants even in death.
Suncut's avatar
When you think about it like that I can see why you feel it's a very sad picture! I love the way images can inspire you give them your own narrative, so that one image can be different things for different people.
Lightsthroughshadow's avatar
Well art is meant to have no path, but have many branches of perspective of what people can see :)
Suncut's avatar
Definitely, wouldn't be half as interesting if everyone saw everything the exact same way!
DigitallyGraphic's avatar
Very cool. Nice work.
Shiako-sama's avatar
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! I really like it! :heart:
samapitongzabala's avatar
the concept is so striking.. I love it! :)
skart2005's avatar
Beautiful work!
Love the idea behind this piece! Not to even mention your style; I simply cannot take my eyes away from this picture!
SarahSto's avatar
amazing! I love the idea and the outworking and everything in this :iconflyingheartsplz:
CorrsollaRobot's avatar
wonderful idea, and the background is painted so wel!
GoldenSunSilverMoon's avatar
Eye catching and beautifully done! I love it!!
Stapic's avatar
Awwwe, so beautiful :heart:
dragongirlhellfire's avatar
Hey, I love this picture so much...
As a writing excercise in our school Writers Club we were writing short stories, and I took in this picture in case the members lacked inspiration. Now I'm thinking to make an anthology of the year's writing just to give to the members (there's only about three of us). It wouldn't be professional or for any gain or anything, so would you mind if I included this picture in the anthology? I'd credit you.
Suncut's avatar
Sure, go hog wild :).
AKrychek's avatar
Nice. I like it.
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