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[P] Care Packages | Quest one



-- Meet Cloud, a adventures Kittom who has a little bit of spunk in her step--

I really plan on coming back to these and maybe fixing them up in a much later date, x-x the next few images of this Quest line were rushed as there is a short time frame for her to get points so I can grow her up before breeding. I'm not happy with any of these at all e.e'' Also my writing wont be the best, I have a Migraine today.

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Art; Pup-Z 
Cloud-Berry owner;Pup-Z
Nessa owner; Pup-Z (in the writing)
Location; Ahza
Species; @/Manaberry 

What do you strive for? [Care Package]

Arrow left From the start of her life Cloud was a bit of an rambunctious kit, finding her self within the lands of Ahza, where she kept to herself within a old skull of a much larger creature that to this day was unnamed to her. It was just the kit's home and every so often an adult would come to check on her and the main care taker of hers was Nessa, a Nin that was a deep reddish coat, she wondered onto Cloud while the kit was splashing about in the small water masses made by the falls. It became the female's responsibility to make sure Cloud was safe and useful to those who came upon them. Thus she was always given the task to gather things for those who came upon their now home. Yet there was a day that while Cloud was placing together bag of herbs and medicines for one of their customers that Nessa paused to look upon the kit and with a wide beaming smile she asked, "Tell me little one, what do you wish to become?" and while at first the young las' paused and looked out upon the the oasis that was the water fall they located themselves near and hummed a thought. Nessa almost assumed that her question stumped the young one, however with the turn of her head Cloud responded with a amount of confidence "I want to travel! With a band of friends maybe even! It will be lots of fun and I'll bring back stories just like you bring stories back to me," the cheeky smile only made a soft exhale leave the older red haired Elnin and she shook her head. "Well you have a long way to go, first you need a friend! So why don't you go gather near WeldWink! If you make a friend there than you'll be closer to your goal. I'll finish your work from here." Cloud almost couldn't believe what she was told however with a firm not and wanting to leave before her mother like figure changed her mind whipped around and leaped out of the eye socket of the skull and scampered away, knowing that there would be someone else out there that would want to join her.

Sure enough.. later that evening Cloud had managed to speak to a kit that was passing by who had gone on travels of his own, though the two slightly butt heads in the beginning, the two spent almost all evening together till Nessa couldn't help but worry and found the kit to take her home.... 

ML: G-ELN482
AP: Ahza - 1 AP
XP: 1 XP
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