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Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU Iwaoi

By Suncelia
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R.I.P. Oikawa (and the violin)
Love each other :3

Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS3 (effects), 2017
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This is accurate like really accurate

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That is so accurate. Oikawa with girls who loves him and there is Iwaizumi with a violin to knock some sense into him.
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Lol this is just accurate I love this

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Oikawa is now crying on the floor “Iwa-chan, why did you do that to me?”
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I don't think that's how u play a violin but ok. 
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"BONK' right in the back of the head
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Not the violin-!!!!!
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Seriously tho.. hitted by a violin wayyy more painful than by a ball
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How to play a violin.
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I love this picture! Ha! Fits perfectly!
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*moves out of the way* I'm going to take a break. Iwazumi watch my violin. Never mind your going to kill the conductor. Okay have fun!
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you will die next second... hiahiahiahia......
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One centimeter, then u'll die oikawa
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jealous iwa haha
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a blessing to the world.
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Insert to be continued memeBut I didn't listen (Rarity) PLZ   
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Don't abuse the violin, use something other than the instrument I play!

(Iwa's pose though)
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This is the best drawing I've seen today!
Awesome. :)
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