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BNHA Kacchan and the Todoroki cat

Bath time! <3

Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS3 (effects), 2017.06
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BAKUGO ~ LORD EXPLOSION MURDER!!!!!! : I don't know what a cat would want with a broach! Now why don'tcha just get in the tub? *tosses Todo-kitty into the tub, but turns around and finds him clinging to the side of his(Bakugo's) head*

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*Muttley snicker*

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mUsT pRoTeCc tHe sMoL bEaN

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My heart is very happy.

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me: i got this (puts a blanket over the cat) alright lets go (throws it into the tub) GOT IT

todokat: (evaporates the water)

me: ok how the hell even

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I have a cat like this. Minus the ice and fire quirk.

dude how you so good at drawing? Wow!

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I've seen your comics dubbed on YouTube and they are hilariously adorable. :)
Keep up the good work. ^^
I was half expecting to Bakugou to sport this face in the last panel:
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holy shit
this is amazing
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Because of the comic dub... I can’t get Todoroki’s sexy meow out of my head... I’m sorry

Why do I deserve something as good as this again?
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Ha I’ve seen this! XD
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